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The Unity Asset Store now offers nearly 4,000 packages to help accelerate your game development. However you’ll also find many which accelerate your skills development as a programmer, level designer, artist, cross-platform developer and videogames maven.

Car Tutorial

This in-depth tutorial project written by Morten Sommer, with graphics and coding by Unity Studios, will take you through all the necessary steps to create a fun arcade style race car game mechanic. Also includes a high-end, physically accurate and realistic car model created by Jonas Echterhoff. Use this if you want to make more simulation-like games.


This tutorial is designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to address a number of challenges on your way to creating a 3rd person game for iOS and android – complete with professional-grade artwork and all scripts. Special attention has been given to setting up camera and player controls that take advantage of the device’s unique input mechanisms and account for the hardware’s constraints.

Airstream Substance Demo

Learn how to use Allegorithmic Substances in Unity with this demo. See how substances allows you to radically change the look and feel of your game in real time while also greatly reducing the size of the package!


This well-known third person top-down shooter demo is jam packed with gameplay! The player infiltrates a building filled with, you guessed it, angry robots! Optimized for Android and iOS, this game also runs on standalone builds and in a webplayer.

Astro Dude

This package contains a small fully playable game which is designed specifically for demonstrating features the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play phone as well as dual-stick input and character animation.

Download these resources today and expand your skill set! Be sure to keep an eye open for upcoming new resources and tutorials in our Complete Projects category.