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Here at Unity we’ve been working hard on an entirely new area of the website to help you learn game development with Unity. We’ve posted twice so far about this, and given you an outline of how the system is going to work. Take a look at our first two posts if you’re unfamiliar with what we’re working on –

So hopefully you know that we’re working on a Retro-futuristic sci-fi game world, in which we’ll base all of our tutorials. To flesh this out, I wanted to share some of the concepts of the world, to get you excited about the environments and learning content we have planned.

Unity Labs

The tutorials are set on the island research facility of Unity Labs. This top secret place is where our experts create simulations of game development, so that we can make Unity the best game development tool in the world! Let’s take a look at some of what you’ll encounter at Unity labs (we don’t want to give everything away right now..) –

The Island

This is where it all begins. This little slice of paradise hides all of Unity Labs’ dark secrets!

The Robot Lab

This is where our engineers play with physics experiments and create gameplay! We plan to make this environment available as part of the launch plan.


One of our chief scientists, Astrella is one of several characters you’ll encounter in the Unity Labs world..

The Battering Ram & Blast Door

Part of our physics assignment experiments, the battering ram & blast doors help us test physics joints at Unity labs.

What’s Now & Next

Currently we’re creating plenty of content to flesh out the learning area – all based in the world of Unity labs. We plan to launch our first iteration of the system in March. It will feature one large tutorial project, and two to three of our topic areas with many small lessons and assignments to help you learn Unity, or if you are a tutor – to support you teaching your classes.

We hope to bring you another update in a few weeks time with a preview of what we’ve done, but rest assured that this project is something we’re taking our time over as we plan to deliver only the best quality content both in terms of visual AAA fidelity, and in video / training content production. We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

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@MALCOLM – We will host using our own video system so if you can see clips on then you’ll be able to see our content.

Are the videos going to be downloadable or streaming? If they’re going to be streaming, please don’t use YouTube or Vimeo – please host them here. I’m currently in China, and we can’t access either of these sites. Downloadable would be perfect for people that have online issues (our broadband is soooo slow here too!)

This does seem like a clever way to do your tutorials. As long as the environment is a help to learning, rather than a hindrance, I’m all for it!

And, as a UnityScript user for the last 3 years, I’m looking at these tutorials as the best opportunity possible to assess C#. There are many things I like about UnityScript, but I’m not blind to the benefits C# has, and I’m hoping that this will finally get me to best understand how to switch (if I decide to).

@JON – some of it will be article based, but 90% video. We have a new way of teaching too but not ready to reveal about that just yet..

is it video only? i’m probably in the minority but i much prefer to read tutorials then watch videos of them.

@_RIC_ we will offer Javascript translations beneath each lesson that features code so users can choose to stick with Javascript if they like, though we’ll teach with C# in the videos. There’s no ‘better’ language, we simply prefer C# in the learning team, and think it represents a better language to get started learning – Javascript can be perceived as ‘easier’ for beginners but it can also lead to bad habits that can be hard to shake off later.

@KAJIATSUSHI see above regarding JS. And no, not really! Our concept artist has never met her so it seems unlikely if that is the case!

Looking forward to this :D I’m a bit bummed about how it’ll all be in C# instead of Javascript, is it because C# is more popular? Or perhaps it’s a better language to code in for Unity?

By the way…is it me or does Astrella look like Aurore?

This looks really great. I’ve never used Unity before, so when this project launches, it will be an ideal time to dive in. My question relates to the C# language … will this series of tutorials teach us C# from scratch, or will we already need to know the basics of the language in order to follow the tutorials? I’m wondering if it would it be a good idea to start learning C# in advance of the launch? Thanks! :)

@Will : Dude +1 for Seinfeld reference!

This is a unique project, only unity can pull something like this off. You guys are on the way to become Google of game dev :)

Keep it up guys.

@VECTREX 1) we can’t launch the site and content sooner but we have something else to help tutors i hope to unveil before march. More blog news on this in a couple of weeks. 2) all our examples are in C# and do indeed follow this convention. Our lead coder James is very strict with me about this so if you ever see content without this convention, it’s my fault!

Two requests.
1) Can you guys roll out some beginner sections in time for the start of the 2013 school year? (In my case Feb). I’d love to use these for teaching.

2) For C# can we please use the { } format of putting the first { on the NEXT line (The default for Visual Studio). I know this seems small, but it’d blow your mind how much it confuses beginners having the first { on the end of the first line. Also that is a javascript, web dev thing. Very few C# programmers do that.

Beautiful concept art and great idea all around.

Glad you’re working on this Will- Your other learning sites/modules were so concise and helpful. They truly helped wrap my brain around Unity scripting in ways the original official docs never did.

Looking at the island concept i hope we will get full scene infinite ocean with wave etc :p.
it’s awesome design.

Pixelstudio – we have discussed this as a potential future endeavour. There is a clear advantage to letting the community develop it’s own content for these aims, but we also wanted to “seed” the public interest with our own, carefully curated and quality- controlled learning materials. As art lead, a lot of effort has been put into making the world of Unity Labs fun, quirky and, hopefully, ultimately inspiring to the imaginations of our user-base, both old and new. I hope it’s enjoyed!

Why dont you let the community create the content based on this (Very nice looking) concept art?
Hold a contest or sumthing .. ? :)

Nubz, a beginner doesn’t need to learn any specific game genre but the way Unity works which is by interacting directly with the environment and Unity itself (the main purpose of this project).

My only rant would be that anything is based on a certain game
This makes is a little tough for beginners to figure out how to use certain parts in different applications

Other than that I am sure it will be good and easy to follow just like everything else Will has a part of

Some people are hard of hearing, so is it possible to include subtitles on videos or mirror what’s said in the text? I only ask so that the information has the widest reach.

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