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Let’s Get Serious – Call for Non-game Unity Projects

, outubro 4, 2013

Given the very wide range of industries currently using Unity, it’s impossible for us to keep track of all the creative non-game projects. That’s why we’re currently searching the globe for some of the most compelling virtual training, simulation, serious game and visualization content being made with Unity.  As we have done in years past, we want to highlight some of the most impressive non-game projects on our site and at trade shows throughout 2014, including a short demo reel.

If you’re working on (or know of) a project that fits in this description, we’d love to hear from you. Please send the following information to

  • Title of project
  • Name of developer
  • Name of client (if applicable)
  • Link to video
  • Link to website

While it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to highlight every project sent our way, we’re interested to see what the community is working on.  Should your project be chosen we will be in touch with more information on the formatting requirements for our final montage. Please note that heavy preference is going to be given for visual polish and projects which communicate their function through “in-app” activities.  As a reference point please take a look at our 2011 and 2012 highlight reels.

16 replies on “Let’s Get Serious – Call for Non-game Unity Projects”

Will be augmenting a unity developed charting system for large data with the Leap Motion device making it easier for business units to see the data behind the visualizations presently being used in a more hands on way ( no pun intended ).

I am simply one man i have been asked by friends for mine to produce a calculator that saves data, ie turns rules and has multiple tabs and resettable default values ,, i found this really easy to do begin with unity and the best thin is not one single image is needed to make it work some math simple logic and the unity engine made it quites simple to accomplish the console And the execute in edit mode is the best thing for me

UNity is a good as a game engine ..but probably not as much for maths computation.. looking to make a stock trading game on numbers .. might have to use something else

I would like to know if unity can be used to create an inter active webpage where training videos can be streamed live and 3d models be manipulated by the user. It must also be able to be viewed on a pc as well as any mobile device (Smart phones though.

Richard F, I have actually solved getting Unity scenes to display in pretty much any context, including XAML/WPF/WinForms etc.

The biggest issue with this idea is that many simulation companies (like mine) are not able to show their simulations to the public. But perhaps we’ll submit something that has been released already.

Hi, I started using Unity for my own hobby ideas recently – loving it by the way – during the day time I work for a process control company, I was looking at ideas for virtual plant duties, sometimes transmitters are located in hard to find places, but this would allow technicians to locate the deivce virtually, before going out and trying to locate it. I had been considering a Google Street View solution, up until I found out about unity. Also, once there, it might be nice to have a Google Glass style application with 3D break downs of devices and transmitters, will Unity support Google Glass? Sadly, no official plans for this, it is mainly stuff to play with in the evenings.

I’m using Unity for quite an unlikely purpose: cross-platform development. We have a mix of Windows, MacOS and Linux workstations that all need the same software. It’s not a graphics-intensive thing, or really even that complicated a program. The engine is fairly simple, but the interface needs some sophistication, which means I would have to redo most of the development three times if I were to port the whole thing. Using Unity, I can develop it once and deploy it to all three platforms. No changes to code. As a one-man show, this capability is a God-send.

Oh, and in my spare time, I make simple games for fun. :)

We are keeping an eye on the new 2d/gui features that would hopelly be introduced to Unity an then probably will move to Unity as our main develoment platform. So far we tested a few times an for what we do (mostly 2d business/presentation apps with some 3d) Unity felt like pushing square peg through the round hole, but hopefully that will change with some of the upcoming updates.
Any deadlines for competition?

It would be fairly simple to create applications with C# and javascript rather than a harder language like Objective-C or Java.

Well, we wanted to use Unity3D, but because you made it impossible to add Unity into XAML, or WinForms, we got rid of the idea

I’m in the planning phase of a major shift in the technical documentation I’m working on for a system on Navy destroyers (line drawings -> interactive 3d models). Your request has reinforced Unity3D as a possibility and I hope to have something for you next year.

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