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* Added simple arcade style 2-axis aircraft control example.
* Added “Handheld Camera” prefab. Has realistic fuzzy tracking of object, and auto zoom to fit target in view.
* Updated mobile particle effects for better performance.
* Character model (‘Ethan’) re-skinned, fixed bone weights, joint orientations and interactions, and blending errors.
* Fix for first-person controller so it sticks to ground when running up/down slopes.
* Better cursor locking handling.
* Fixed camera in car scene, so loop-the-loop is possible!
* Added menu item in Cross Platform Input so user can choose between mobile/standalone input when testing in editor with a mobile build target selected.
… and many more!


Hello! We’re updating the “Standard Assets” packages that come bundled with Unity.

Before we finalise and integrate it with Unity itself, we’re releasing a beta version for you to try out. We’d like you to have a play and give us feedback before we finally integrate it into Unity and replace the old Standard Assets.


There are a number of changes to look out for:

Firstly, the name is now “Sample Assets” rather than “Standard Assets”, which better reflects their purpose: to provide a collection of examples that can be used out-of-the-box, picked apart or expanded upon.

We’re also going to improve the delivery method. The Sample Assets will still be bundled with the Unity installer, but the packages themselves will be linked to the asset store so that we can update them independently of new Unity editor releases.

And of course what’s in the packages themselves.  We’ve addressed some missing examples by adding a mecanim-based third-person character, some shuriken-based particle systems, and some simple AI systems, as well as improving and adding new samples such as a better first-person controller, cross platform input examples and even a few vehicles!

We’re including sample scenes where you can try these out, and our intention is that this collection of playable sample scenes will replace the existing “Angry Bots” project which is included in the current Unity installer. Angry Bots will still be available to download from the asset store, but having these lightweight prototype sample scenes will reduce the download and install size of Unity itself, and hopefully provide more useful material out of the box to help you get your projects started even faster than before.

This project has multiple goals: the new samples will provide an example of good practice in terms of how they are put together. For example, you’ll be able to look at how we used a componentised architecture on our prefabs to separate out core movement, control, audio and peripheral visual effects. We also hope the samples will act as a useful toolbox for rapid prototyping. You can just drop a character, vehicle, camera rig or effect into your scene, and it’s good to go.

So what are the highlights?

A New First Person Character
Unlike the previous first person character, this first person character uses a standard rigidbody capsule and can push physics objects around. It also has configurable head-bob effects and footstep sounds.

A New Third Person Character
The new third person character is Mecanim-based, with root-motion driving its movements giving a more realistic feel. It’s also incredibly easy to replace the character art with your own rigged humanoid model, or swap the user control component with an AI component.

A Sample 2D Character
Swift on the heels of our recent 2D tools release, we have a sample 2D sprite-based character in a platform game scene for you to use.

Camera Rigs
These are a few useful camera set-ups, making it easy to drop in an automatic follow cam, or a free-look camera straight into your scene. All our sample scenes use these rigs.

We’re including an example of a car controller and our sample scene shows one possible configuration: a high-powered futuristic sports car. However, the script itself is also flexible enough to simulate front, rear and four-wheel drive vehicles, SUVs, Karts and Forklift Trucks. Have a play and test the settings to their limit! The car code prioritises fun over realism, but still offers a large degree of freedom in terms of gears, torque, and tendency to burnout or skid.

The aeroplane scripts allow you to set up a forward-flying aircraft with ease. There are optional components if you want to implement moving ailerons, rudders, etc, but you can just as easily throw the basic script on a cube and take to the skies in your cube-o-plane! We provide some slightly more elaborate examples of Jet and Propellor aeroplanes, each set up with different parameters to give the correct feel. Again, the code is designed with a priority of fun over realism, and as such doesn’t include realistic flight equations, but you’ll still find you can glide, stall and barrel-roll to your heart’s content.

Cross Platform Input Example
We’ve also included an example of how you can set up cross-platform input so that you can seamlessly publish to desktop, web and mobile from the same project. Our sample uses a relatively simple script which acts as a ‘middle man’ between the game controls and Unity’s existing input system. When on mobile, simple touch or tilt controls override the axis names, allowing you to easily switch between desktop and mobile with minimal changes to your scripts. We’ve also included a few example “mobile control rigs” which are suitable for many common scenarios such as a tilt-to-steer car control, or a 3rd-person run and turn control.

For the character, cars, and planes, we’ve included a sample of how you can set up AI-controlled versions. These AI systems “pilot” the character or vehicle in the same way that a user can, by sending input values to the controller.

Prototype Environment
To keep the package sizes down and the examples as clear and easy to understand as possible, our sample scenes use simple prototype models for the environments, and these are packaged up for you to use if you want to. They can be a good way of quickly blocking out level designs, to be replaced with your own real artwork later.

AI Character

Of course, since this is an update to the current standard assets, there is a significant amount of good stuff in there that we’re keeping just  the same: you’ll still have the same favourite image effects, skyboxes, shaders, water, etc. These and many of the other standard assets haven’t changed, but we’ll be looking to improve and expand on these areas as time goes on – and from your feedback. For the beta release we’re including only the new stuff to save on download size and import time.

As mentioned above, this is a ‘beta’ release of the new Sample Assets, so it’s not currently included with the Unity Installer. If you’d like to check it out, you can download the entire pack from the Asset Store here:

Having worked on this rather furiously for the last few months along with the guys from the Learn team, we’d all love to hear your feedback and questions! You can reply here, or if you’d like to take part in an altogether more civilized (and detailed) discussion on the forum about it, head over to this forum thread for that very purpose:



57 replies on “New Sample Assets Beta”

Im not able to get the airplane/jet controls tro work on windows phone 8 .. built directly from the sample scene. Cant use the tilt controls ?

I don’t know why it is very very slow when I tried to download from asset store. I’ve tried to download it more than 30 times since a week ago.
Is there any way to download directly?

Very cool! I like the controls but I can’t seem to get the mobile character control rig working correctly. I think i might be missing something. A small adjustment maybe? No controls are showing up on android.

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This is really awesome – a great direction! And it’s good to see that you’re updating and improving what has always been useful in a way that will make it even more useful (and in tune with how the engine has been growing and expanding its scope over the last several years).

Unity does SO MUCH to help people use their product. It’s really amazing. Thanks for yet another superb asset to help us out!

Hi all, awesome work, and:
One suggestion:
I hope (before final release) the XBOX360 (wired) controller input will be supported, and
with an working FPS example … Will be great to see that … in the final package …

I like the vehicles and the sample scenes. I havent tried every single thing but….

Car can easily climb a near vertical mountain
3rd person slides off any horizontally moving platform/rigidbody,
clouds look more like smoke
prefabs made of a lot of primitives like offroad terrain, bridge cause lag adding to scene
3rd person seems to jump in a jerky sort of way
1st person jerky on terrain
unity crash on “reserializing assets” when importing them

Apart from the third person character and the fire particle effect, this really is a pretty terrible collection of low quality stuff. I had higher expectations, it being 2014 and all.

These are really nice samples to pick apart. I did find one glitch with Ethan, when he is standing on any natural terrain slope and the Ground Sticky Effect is above 0, he vibrates slowly down the hill with a very fast vibrating motion.

Semi Related: What is the best way to limit walking up a slope using either Ethan’s rigidbody or the character controller?

Currently you can place C# scripts in the Standard Assets folder to ensure that they’re accessible from UnityScript. Will this still be possible? Is there another strategy we should adopt for distributing C# code packages?

(the sample assets look great by the way)

Great set of assets, I am looking forward to learning a lot from these! One interesting tidbit, I don’t know if you guys have any control over this, but any scene with the 3rd person 3D model (Ethan) causes my EVGA Nvidia GTX 760 to have an incessant coil whine. It only happens in scenes with the Ethan model, and with the graphics settings set to Simple or below. Just a little something I’m not sure if you guys should know.

Is great! Lightweight’s FirstPersonCharacter & FirstPersonHeadBob is very helpful for oculus virtual develops. Thanks Unity.

I think the package comes together really nicely but I did find a couple of things that were a little weak in demo.

– If you do the first person demo you can’t quit back to them menu, needs a key command?

– If you change the time in the particle demo, then quit and go into another demo the timescale is still slow

– The 2d controller is not very good, I guess if all you’re doing is showing the sprites it doesn’t matter but I couldn’t jump full height while running against a platform and running full speed seemed to be some delay that made it hard to judge timing. Depends what you’re going for but I think it would be worth improving so that people aren’t left with the wrong impression.

Overall really great though, and I think this new method of delivery is an excellent plan!

[…] here. Moreover, you can give the assets a try in this webplayer, find detailed specifications here and download them for use from this […]

Ooh. I’m pleasantly surprised to see these! I can’t wait to dig into them and see how they work. Thanks guys!

Excellent job! But I think it’s better using name “Unity Sample Asset” instead of “Sample Asset”.

This is a very solid and great asset to add. I noticed a slight issue with the third person character rigging weights a little off causing the neck and belt area to deform a little strange. Other then very well done and put together. Thumbs up!

Wow, this is a very great thing! It’s nice to see the Basic Unity tools getting expanded. I hope the terrain gets a optimization update next. But even if it doesn’t, I’m really enjoying using this right now! :)

Cool! Keep up the good work!
BTW, I found out that with some simple math and collision handling in OnControllerColliderHit() CC can easily become an active member of the “physics society” by applying forces based on contact info =)
Also. if I may, I wanted to ask – is it possible to make it actually react to forces? What I mean is mot a full-fledged physics interaction, but in a more like – “not going though things” kinda way. I managed to achieve similar behavior by using a helper physics object of a smaller size that, if collision is detected, pushes its parent (the CC) away from the collision point. It’s guerrilla and hacky, but it works.
Which really makes you think. Why not augment the standard CC component with simple “push-away” behavior. It can be togglable, but basically make CC somewhat “physical” in a matter that in will not go through things, but gracefully pushed away from colliders. As example of a situation when this would be paramount (and was solved in my case with a helper collider object) is trying to land on a platform, that’s moving UP. Normal CC just falls through, since you don’t even get a chance to parent it to the platform. But with a basic “pushing away” thing the problem is solved.
What do you think?

Do whatever you want, please just don’t remove or change the CharacterController component. Rigidbody controllers don’t give the level of control you can achieve with CC as well as cannot be Move()’d several time in one frame/cycle. RBC being physics-based also detects OnCollisionEnter()/Exit() events one frame after collision has actually begun or ended which is a complete bummer and limits possibilities for a complex controller.

It is really a good addition and I am loving it thoroughly…… But I would be more happy if you would include some good textures, such as building textures, road textures and many other good dynamic textures.. people are really bugged finding textures in the internet either or making them themselves…. As I am a kid I love making games in unity ……. I am in 10th grade and unity has really helped love my game-making temper……… But I would just like to ask the unity team that if they can give some good textures along with this lovely release .. I would be grateful Thank you Unity team :) :)

“third person character could also climb the blocks (in Tomb Raider style)”
I’m also like this idea

new sample grass asset would be nice ! Unity do away with awful billboard grass !
new shader asset would be great. Especially specular + normal + diffuse, but not individually

Wow…this is awesome news. Can not wait to try it. Many standard assets were outdated and was not working.

I’d also like to see some cool sample Skin shaders like you used on the latest teaser trailer with the hover cars.

Great news ! I am downloading package right now…
componentised architecture is also something that I really want to know more about it.

@DAVEA: FYI, they always push new versions of Unity to the download page a few days before telling the ‘Check for Updates’ mechanism about it, just so that if there are any problems then hopefully only a small proportion of users run into it before they stomp it.

Probably wasn’t the best idea to release a package against that version during this initial probation window, but oh well.

“Requires Unity 4.3.3 or higher” and yet my 4.3.2 claims to be ‘up to date’
Any chance these can be back-ported to 3.5.7 (the ones that can be that is)

You guys have a typo:

“A Aample 2D Character
Swift on the heels of our recent 2D tools ”

Should be “A Sample…”?

Will we be able to include these in assets we sell in the asset store? Like when we need an example model to show off an animation or lighting package?

Excellent! This looks like a fantastic addition to get things moving in any prototype stage and then some! Thanks for making Unity the best package out there!

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