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Exclusive offer for Unity developers building games for Windows

, fevereiro 19, 2014

Last November I shared with you that we’d surpassed 1000 games made with Unity across Windows Store and Windows Phone. Well, it looks like the momentum in  the Unity developer community continues to grow,  with more than 2000 games now available in our stores!

As you can see in the gallery, there are plenty of awesome Windows Phone and Windows games made with Unity. And we’re thrilled to hear that developers are seeing such great results in terms of download numbers and monetization. Here a few success stories:

Magma Mobile’s CEO Nicolas Sorel confirmed they saw the “first 1,000,000 downloads in 2 ½ months of being in the Windows Phone Store, and had 1,000,000 additional downloads in the last 30 days.”

Pat Toulouse, President and Founder of RatRod Studio said “The process of porting our games to Windows and  Windows Phone was very straight forward. Since then, it has helped us extend our reach by generating over 5 million downloads within the past 6 months. And this continues to grow rapidly”.

Grzegorz Zwolinski Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board at was also thrilled to see their latest racing game surpass the 3,000,000 downloads mark in less than 3 months.

We’re so pleased with the quality of games being developed by Unity developers, that we’d like to make it easier for other Unity developers to achieve the same level of success in reaching millions of new users. So, we’ve decided to launch a special incentive offer, exclusively for Unity developers, to continue to create great games for Windows.

Talented Unity developers who qualify will receive some great benefits including store registration, a Microsoft Windows 8 license, a Windows device (phone/tablets), a promotional package and technical assistance. Check the details of the offer and the Terms & Conditions!

And don’t forget the popular technical porting guides which will get you started in no time or join us at one of the  upcoming porting lab events we’re hosting with Unity around the world.  If we haven’t scheduled a porting event near you, gather up a group of Unity developers in your area and let me know @jccim, and we’ll do our best to set this up!

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  1. Does anybody know when will they announce the developer devices winners?

  2. Got email from Microsoft… I’m in! Thank you UT :D

  3. I have same problem with unty3d. To many great games i can’t play on my Debian. No i don’t need windows.

  4. @ JM 25 Feb 2014, 4:49 am
    Use a real OS problem solved!

    Ive notified your parents that your on the internet again, you know your not allowed to use the computer unless its for homework or for hello kitty.

    as far as ubuntu and other REAL OS’s, this promotion is most likely payed for by Microsoft as thier marketplace is a huge failure and they are trying everything in order to make it as competitive as apples, steam, hell even googles play. so… as for them doing any other OS…..unless they get kick backs it wont happen.

  5. Olli-Pekka Wallin

    fevereiro 25, 2014 às 1:39 pm

    I would like to hear future plans for webplayer. Is there any platforms going to be support or it’s going to die soon or later? It’s fact that Unity have to make more deeper integration to Linux. For example we need webplayer for Linux and/or Android platforms. This valid business cases because mobile devices will eat up PC platform. Linux editor support has been top voted for years and stil there is no any sigth for that.

  6. Use a real OS problem solved!

  7. Unity is great for games, but when will be available for Linux AMD64 users. Debian and Ubuntu now is very popular.

  8. Great! Its a shame that many regions are out of luck :(

  9. Your almost entire latin american market is out of eligibility? Way to go guys, Im from Argentina and is good to know where we are in your thoughts! What a pitty.

  10. @Mohamed Ikbel Boulabiar We currently have no plans for a Linux editor, however, feel free to vote for it on our feedback site.

  11. Mohamed Ikbel Boulabiar

    fevereiro 19, 2014 às 6:36 pm

    What about Linux developers ? Will you provide a unity for ubuntu ?
    Steam has made the jump, what about you ?

  12. @Cezar Wagenheimer
    Sorry about that. There are a few countries/regions where it’s really complex (commerce rules & regulations, tax, customs, etc.) for us to set up the offer which is centrally managed from Microsoft Corp in the US. We’re working with the local teams to try to make it available.
    In the meantime, please shoot us an email to and we’ll keep you posted.

  13. Cezar Wagenheimer

    fevereiro 19, 2014 às 5:26 pm

    Why Brazilian Residents are not eligible to apply?