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They capture all imaginable movements, from breakdancing, throwing enchantments or swinging a katana to sitting and drinking coffee. We picked a few assets that are really well-rated and popular among their users, but could use a little extra attention. Browse these hidden treasures to find new ways to get your game moving faster and cheaper!

Proportional Studios – Props Animations

This is a must have, if your game has any moving characters, which, let’s face it, it probably has. It has over 470 animations to date and if what you need isn’t in there, the publisher will add it to the asset at no extra costs. Proportional Studios are really a bunch of proper pros – the reviews point out that the support goes out of its way to help you get the most of this package.


Kubold – Movement Animset Pro

A set of high quality motion capture animations, optimized for seamless third person perspective character movement. You need to have a good idea about scripting and mecanim in general, but if you have the basics covered, this is the asset that will help you level up. Have fun with the demo below!

Mister Necturus – Soldier Animation Collection

Get a full model of a soldier with 54 animation clips to get him moving and shooting exactly the way you want. Includes Root motion data used by Mecanim.

Gear Worx Productions – FPS Character Animation Pack

This is a really comprehensive package of movements that covers all possible shooting/running/climbing combos. It has a sample character, which shows initial setup for weapon placement and joint hierarchy. Plus it’s super neatly organized. Altogether, it will save you a ridiculous amount of time that you can instead spend making your shooter into something special.

McAnimation – Survival Shooter Animation Pack

Surviving is hard. Making a survival shooter game even harder. So why don’t you make your game dev work and your life in general easier by getting a great package of animations along with a handy “Getting Started” doc and an overview of frame-ranges?

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Yes – I intend on combining Final IK (, Props Animations, ( and Taichi Character Pack ( for an inexpensive competitor to buying library of custom animations at game development time.

Eventually, I’ll add Cinema Mo Cap ( when I have the HW needed.

This was a very helpful article.

I’ve been waiting for Cinema MoCap to get Mac support so I could finally get the animations I need for my projects but it seems, from what I read, that Mac support is not very high on their priorities list at the moment so I was rather disappointed… and stuck.

I love Mecanim but need animations… this writeup was a godsend! Especially the first one! Wow! Not only am I likely to find what I need in there but I can get what I’m after ADDED to it… Comparing the price for the “do it yourself” option or the “have it added” option, I definitely know which way I am going! :D

Many thanks to Unity for the writeup and many thanks to Proportional Studios
You both rock… and hard! :D

Well $50, 77 reviews all at 5 stars that I could find and an author that is having fun. I guess I know which one I’m going to buy.

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