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The Unity game developer contest sponsored by Microsoft had you busy developing and porting games to Windows the past few months; we received over 600 entries which is more than double what we received last year. We were blown away at how polished and fun the games were, which made judging super tough but we also had a blast! After much deliberation, we have our top three winners and 20 honorable mentions to take a slice of the $100K pie.

We are so proud of our developer community for pulling out all the stops, and we weren’t the only ones impressed, Sonal Pardeshi, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft said,

“We had some fantastic games submitted to the Unity contest! It was challenging for the Microsoft and Unity teams to narrow down the list to 50 finalists, and even more so to select the 23 winners! Every game was special. Kudos to the top 3 winners and 20 runner ups! The Bridge is an absolutely unique game with beautiful artwork. We loved the highly polished Mini Motor Racing, it plays great on both Windows and Windows Phone. The Veil is an impressive storytelling experience with an original setting that is available first on Windows. We thoroughly enjoyed playing these games and would like to thank all Unity developers who participated in this contest!”

So without further ado, in first place taking home $50,000 is The Bridge by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild


The Bridge is an absolutely stunning 2D puzzle game that will have you re-evaluating your perceptions of up, down and sideways as you rotate the world to solve puzzles. This is an all around fantastic game that we fell in love with.

In second place winning $30,000 is Mini Motor Racing by NextGen Reality Pty Ltd t/a The Binary Mill

Mini Motor Racing Landing page 2 edited

The Windows Store edition of this game is elegant and super fun. It has awesome 4K remastered textures, multiple input on a Surface tablet as well as full Xbox 360 controller support and it also optimizes depending on your device specs. We were impressed with it’s look, gameplay and technical prowess.

And in third place is The Veil by Wayward Productions Ltd taking away $10,000.

The Veil_1920x550-3_edited

We really enjoy the ambience, art style and discovery within this game. The minimalist mechanics are perfect for being immersed in the story and world which makes for a really lovely experience.

This year we also have 20 honorable mentions for developers who went above and beyond by producing innovative, addictive fun games, these lucky developers receive a Unity Pro license:

Slingshot Puzzle by Dream Dale

Splemy by Formerdroid Ltd

Shiny The Firefly by Headup Games GmbH & Co KG

FreudBot by Slash Games

Lost Echo by KickBack

Trolls vs Vikings by Megapop

Tiki Monkeys by MilkCap Limited


The Quest: Anniversary Edition by Guerilla Tea Games Ltd

Mini Dogfight by Echoboom S.L.

Shoggoth Rising by dreipol GmbH

Drive Me Bananas by Press Start Studios

Snow Spin by Ezone PTY LTD

Pirate Dawn by Kim Stockton

Simian.Interface by Bullseye Studios

CarX Drift Racing by CarX Technologies

Planet Zoom 3D by Info Tech Studio srl

Medieval Apocalypse by Obumo Games/Zoltán Gubics

Kings Can Fly by Firedroid

Beyond Gavity by Qwiboo Ltd

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Those games seem decent but don’t really seem that fun. Probably one of the reasons developers shouldn’t be judges, as your average gamer doesn’t think like one. If gamers judged there would definitely be different winners. Just my opinion though.

Well, you silently changed site’s style and it became a colorful mess – I can not understand what’s happening, too many color spots, arrgh!
By the way, you should create a section related to site at the forums.

Congratulation to all of the winners…. cant wait to try my hand on these cool games….. such great peace of art really inspire us to make better and better games.

Woohoo! Thanks a lot for the honorable mention for our first mobile game FreudBot! :)

We put a lot of effort in the game during the last 7 months and such contests are a great appreciation and opportunity for a small developer like us to spread the word about our games. So hopefully a lot more people will play and enjoy our little robotic psychoanalyst!

All players who like to support us further: Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( and tell your friends and family about FreudBot! Maybe they need a session, too! ;)


Congratulations! Winning Unity contest is a great recommendation – would try these games for sure!

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