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GameAnalytics is a an Asset Store Service Partner.

A staple on the Unity Asset Store in terms of free analytics for the past 3 years, the Analytics SDK for Unity has been upgraded for both iOS and Android, as the platform is now augmented with several new features.

Richer and more reliable player behaviour data

Key new features in the updated GameAnalytics SDKs include dedicated player progression, designed to facilitate level balancing by offering insight into the way players consume and move through game content. The progression event type has a 3 hierarchy structure, to give the much needed granularity in tracking players’ paths. For example, your game’s progression hierarchical system could look something like: World, Level, Phase. Based on how you define these events, they’ll also automatically populate the progression filters, so you can add a lot of granularity to your analysis.

Just as important, the SDKs now have enriched in-game economy analysis, both for real money transactions (now with purchase validation) and for in-game resources (such as hard and soft currencies, XP, etc). Real money transactions will be defined as business events, to which you can include the specific type of in-app item purchased, and where in the game the purchase was made. This will help with tweaking your monetisation and figuring out if there’s place for that higher price bucket, after all. The hard and soft currency balance, or any other resources you may have in your game can be tracked with resource events. Based on the resulting analyses you will be able to conclude whether or not you’re giving away too much gold in your game, or if players are running dry too often.

Other new features in the SDKs include custom dimensions, which let you tag players with any piece of information aiding your analysis, and a brand new dashboard: Benchmarks, which helps you compare your game’s performance to that of the whole GameAnalytics network, giving the context you need to make informed decisions that can improve your game.

“It’s our belief that the use of analytics can help make even the best games better, but analytics tools are only as good as the quality of data they serve up, which is why we’re constantly working on expanding the range and type of information GameAnalytics is able to pool from games and players.” said Morten Wulff, GameAnalytics Co-founder.

Here’s a list of the features GameAnalytics now offers:

  • Player Progression;
  • Business events (real money transactions by item type and item id) with purchase validation;
  • In-game resources;
  • Error events;
  • Custom dimensions;
  • Design events (for tracking any custom event you can think of);
  • Cohorts and Funnels tools;
  • Explore tool – that lets you visualise any of the events and metrics against each other to be able to spot any relevant trends or correlations;
  • Raw data export;
  • Benchmarks (against the whole GameAnalytics 5400+ games network, but also against games in particular genres);
  • and more.

15 replies on “GameAnalytics Unity SDK, bolstered with new features!”

Its a shame you haven;t added WebGL support and have decided not to. Our business can no longer use GA because of this and you’ve lost a customer for it.

Wish you luck (I know mobile is the lucrative business but pretty disappointed)

I really like the GA plugin. But since the latest update of the plugin and editor we’re experiencing some major troubles with it. In our project the editor crashes quite often.

Besides that, I can totally recommend to try GameAnalytics out!


Thank you for your feedback.

In order to investigate the issue, Could you please create a support ticket with below information
– What version of Unity & Game analytics
– What exactly is you experiencing, any logs ?
– When is it happening

Any other information would be helpful.

GA team

Sure, I already created a ticket for you. I’m using 5.1.2f1 currently and the editor logs:

Fixing reference to the runtime script in scene file!
The class named ‘GameAnalyticsSDK.Settings’ is not derived from MonoBehaviour or ScriptableObject!


ReleaseAllScriptCaches did not release all script caches!
Remaining caches: Assembly-CSharp:GameAnalyticsSDK:Settings

When compiling script changes the editor hangs up or crashes then. Not always though, but quite often. I’m also preparing a bug ticket for Unity to invenstigate.

Is this Game Analytics Unity SDK tool something different then the service Unity Analytics currently in beta? Or is it a tool to collaborate with the Unity Analytics?

The two tools are totally unrelated. One is an Analytics tool made by Unity, the other one is a tool made by GameAnalytics.

Different tools, but does it mean that we (developers) should stop counting on further development of Unity Cloud since Unity is now going for Game Analytics instead?

Nope – Unity Analytics is doing fine, and development is still ongoing. Source: I am a Unity Analytics developer.


Im using both Unity Analytics and Game Analytics. Im pretty impressed by the new feature set and I totally recommend others to start using GA but there are couple of issues

Issues on GA :
1. Too many random maintenances, during that time you can’t see the real-time data
2. Revenue data doesn’t match with actual data specifically for Google play. GA shows 20% to 30% less revenue and which can add noise to ARPDAU and ARPPU data too.
3. Downloads data doesn’t match with actual data specifically for Google Play. GA shows 20% to 30% less user installs.
4. Should provide LTV and ARPU
5. Really need to improve daily/weekly/monthly report email
6. Unity Analytics allows to view multiple custom events on the same view. Its a pain to jump from one window to other on GA
5. The filter resets on jumping from one screen to other. Im not sure how much effort is required to make the filter persistent.

Why Im using GA :
1. It provides Real-Time data
2. Funnel Analysis are pretty strong you can create custom filters on devices, build #,region
3. Error Report section is pretty handy to get the overall App Health on a macro level
4. UI is far better than Unity Analytics, Adjust and Talking Data
5. Unity Analytics have a cap on custom events

Does the new SDK provides iAP validation for Windows and Amazon iAPs ?

Apart from this I used Adjust, it provides some really solid and reliable stats but their UI totally sucks compare to GA. Used TalkingData and its pretty strong compare to all other analytics but for this tool you need to know Chinese :)

Are you using the new Android and iOS SDK’s with the receipt validation?

If so I’m not sure how you’d get inaccurate sales data.

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