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The Unity Asset Store is announcing a new Affiliate Program, which will empower the global Unity community to discuss and promote how they’re building their dreams using the Asset Store. Apply today!

The goal of the new program is to leverage the power of Unity’s global community. Now, Asset Store publishers will benefit from a new discovery method while developers will be empowered to share how they solved their toughest problems. Affiliated content creators will now have the power to embed Asset Store content directly to their blogs or social media platforms using Unity’s Affiliate link-maker. Another benefit of participation is that through this content and these links, the Affiliate partners will earn commissions on all qualifying sales.

“It’s really just another avenue for developers who use the Asset Store and publishers to find one another,” says Clive Downie, CMO of Unity. “Plus, it offers a way for anyone who curates content, as an affiliate, to generate some passive income while contributing to the community.”

Bringing relevant Assets into focus

We really hope that the community uses our Affiliates Link-maker in combination with our recent release of Lists. With Lists, users can highlight, group, and include information about packages on the Asset Store.

One way Lists could be used is to incorporate them in the stories cómmunity members share online. For example, Bruno Toledano, community manager with Crema Games, recently described in his Made With Unity story “Even Immortal Rednecks Need Some Help” how his team used the Unity Asset Store to elevate the quality of their game. With the introduction of the Affiliate Program, Bruno could add the twelve assets to a list and then use the link-maker to embed the list directly to his article, earning their development team revenue on all qualifying sales generated from that link.

Becoming an Affiliate

If you’re interested in participating, you can pre-register to become an affiliate in the upcoming Beta release of the Unity Asset Store Affiliate Program. Apply now to become an affiliate.

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[…] Asset Store announces new Affiliate Program […]

[…] Asset Store announces new Affiliate Program […]

This would be awesome! Especially for tutorial authors or publishers like me who collaborate with other asset publishers. When I post screenshots on my website or announce a new pack on my website I always like to link to other assets I used when making the screenshots. I used to do affiliate marketing several years ago and helped moderate the affiliate forums at for a while but due to life circumstances, I wasn’t able to keep up with all my websites. Very excited to see this coming to the asset store, both for those of us doing cross promotion and for the exposure it will hopefully bring to some of us through promotion by professional affiliate marketers!

Waow, It was really needed and is a great news for people who are always trying to help people and share there experiences. They can now earn money with there knowledge as well.

This is great news. I write about and mention unity assets often on my blog posts at and the opportunity to highlight relevant assets to the articles I write and get a commission for sales made from links to those assets will be a huge intensive to put more focus on quality articles that reference more of the the top quality assets in the asset store. This is a good decision and I’m looking forward to the launch. This program will have a huge impact on the landscape of game dev blogging and resource websites by creating revenue oppertunityes for bloggers and asset publishers.

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I have an idea:

“Asset Store Portal for work made through contracts”
I accept a percentage of the profits if Unity would like to give ;).

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