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Unity is honored to announce that Adam, a short film created with the Unity game engine and rendered in real time, has won The Webby Award in Animation (Branded)!  The Animation (Branded) award recognizes “animated video content that integrates products or services on behalf of a brand in order to convey a marketing message in an entertaining way.”

We’re so proud to get this remarkable recognition. This year’s 21st Annual Webby Awards — also known as the Oscars of the Internet — was the biggest in history, touting 13,000 entries from all 50 U.S. states and 70+ countries, and 3.5 million votes cast in total.

“We are always striving to improve the technology we are giving to our users”, said Writer/Director Veselin Efremov, “It is incredible to get recognition outside of this context, alongside leading names throughout the entire entertainment industry.”

Adam is a short film created with the Unity game engine built to showcase and test out the graphical quality achievable with Unity. The Unity Demo Team built Adam with beta versions of Unity 5.4 and our cinematic sequencer tool, Timeline.


“It wasn’t always an easy production,” says Producer Silvia Rasheva, “but it is very satisfying to see the enormous advancement of our technology it has contributed to: a large number of improvements have already made it into the engine as a consequence of the creation of Adam, and there is a lot more in progress and soon to come.”

Winning the Webby Award further highlights Unity’s commitment to pushing high quality graphics in real time to the next level and empowering creators in games and beyond.  Congrats to all!

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  2. Congrats Adam Wins

  3. very nice wow

  4. Well deserved guys!

  5. Robert Cummings

    abril 26, 2017 às 9:57 pm

    This year, grats. But you want to win it every year ;)

  6. Unity5 is a mature game engine simple to code and understand. The progress from Unity 3 up to Unity5 was Awsome! This game engine was able to give me all the tools I need for my game.

  7. Well deserved. The story was well told in the graphics, animations (not all were mo-cap and even mo-cap needs editing), and implied elements — all without using voiced words.

    It was so good that many of us are left wanting more of this story. But sometimes that’s where the magic is: in the wanting.

  8. “a large number of improvements have already made it into the engine as a consequence of the creation of Adam” . I have to disagree a bit. Do the same animation without the expensive cameras, scanners and humam actors you used to make the motion capture. Use JUST the animation tools provided by UNITY and try to win this same contest again. Graphics matter, but good ANIMATION is not made of good graphics.

    1. Of course you know you are talking about production here. First of all, Unity is not specialized in animation, like Maya or 3ds Max. So, whats the point?