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Help us test the new Timeline cut-scene and sequencing tool by joining the 2017.1 beta

, maio 8, 2017

One of the highlights at GDC 2017 was the Timeline demo.

Timeline is a powerful new visual tool that allows you to create gorgeous cinematic content, cut scenes and gameplay sequences using your game objects, animations, sounds and scenes. It allows artists to focus on storytelling and cinematics, as opposed to coding.

Timeline’s track-based sequencing tool applies a “drag and drop” approach to choreographing animations, sounds, events, videos and more. This makes it faster to create beautiful cut-scenes and procedural content. It also has features for animation and audio, auto-keying and a multi-track interface with the ability to lock and mute tracks.  What’s more,  Timeline is extensible enabling  you to create your own tracks to drive whatever systems you have in your game.  You can make a Timeline clip to represent practically anything – and have those clips repeat, scale and blend together, all taking advantage of what you get with the Timeline interface.

Timeline is one of the many new features that will be available in the 2017.1 release, and you can among the first to try it.

How to join?

To get access, simply sign up to our open beta test. By joining our open beta, you won’t just get access to all the new features. You will also help us find bugs ensuring the highest quality software.

As a starting point, we’ve also provided a guide to being an effective beta tester  for easy reference.

12 replies on “Help us test the new Timeline cut-scene and sequencing tool by joining the 2017.1 beta”

Very impressed so far! I tested this with cinemachine 2, which is definitely going to replace all my in-game cameras when 2017.1 comes out.

I’m still concerned about the licensing, you there are games that take years to develop and while it’s great that Unity keeps going forward I’m wondering if there will be perpetual licenses.

This is not really the place to discuss this but – no. Unity like Unreal is now a software that you pay for per seat and per income of your company. You only have to pay for a license per seat if you want the extra services or your company/devteam is above a certain fiscal year turnover.

huge rendering bugs with realtime lighting and depth sorting right out of the gate on the deferred path, upgrading a 5.6p3 project to b4. I really want to try out the new timeline

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