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Why we’re giving 2017.1 beta testers a chance to win cool t-shirts and a Nintendo Switch

, Maio 18, 2017

Beta testing is important to Unity because it helps us find bugs, test out new features and make sure the end result provides a great experience for everyone. But the beta test also offers an exciting opportunity for you.

What’s in it for you?

Not only do you get early access to all the new features in 2017.1., you also get get to have your say and have a real impact in on the end product.

Get a beta tester t-shirt and a chance to win a Nintendo Switch

To make things even more fun, and to show our appreciation, up to 1000 beta testers who submit a bug that is an original bug entry (as in has not yet been reported at the time of submission) and which has been reproduced and acknowledged by us as a bug, have a chance to get a beta tester t-shirt. 

On top of that, one lucky bug-submitter will win a Nintendo Switch.

What to expect?

As with any beta program, you’ll have early access to features that are still under development. That means you will experience Unity as less stable than the final version. The beta test is currently expected to run until June 15,2017 and several beta versions will be made available in that time. Please see this guide to being an effective beta tester to get off on the right foot.

How to join

It’s simple to get started and participate in the beta process. Simply head over to our beta testing section, read our guide and download the installer to get access to the 2017.1 beta.

We also encourage you to sign up for the optional beta tester email list. By signing up we will be able to send you notifications when new versions are available, as well as tips on how to be an effective beta tester.

The beta release is available for free to all Unity users, including Personal Edition users. In the release notes section, you’ll find a complete list of all the new features, improvements and bug fixes included in the release.

Unity 2017 Beta Sweepstakes Official Rules and Conditions

37 replies on “Why we’re giving 2017.1 beta testers a chance to win cool t-shirts and a Nintendo Switch”

I also want to win this T-shirt but Sadly I am from another India. But I have told my brother who lives in Canada about this contest. I hope He will win T-shirt and Nintendo Switch. After then I will say him to keep T-shirt and give me only Nintendo Switch. But for now I am ordering my T-shirt from
Someone told me about this site that this site also give free T-shirts after having live chat.

“Get a beta tester t-shirt and a chance to win a Nintendo Switch”

Does it mean we get a t-shirt no matter what, with a chance to win a Switch?

Or a chance to win a t-shirt and a chance to win a Switch

I am just so confused.

” ”I’m not Canadian but I am curious to know- What is the additional mathematical question for?” ”>

oh,As an Unity old user,Looking forward to every update of the product,Also want to be able to contribute to the Unity。

I’m really sad to see the number of comments that clearly state “I want a shirt or I won’t do this”. Reporting bugs directly affects the end product that you are all using…
This greedy attitude doesn’t help anybody at all and just shows the world that you expect to get some material benefit for providing help to make a piece of software that you use better for not just you, but everybody.
There is no need for an offer like this, and it is really cool of Unity to do it, but the gimme gimme attitude I see just goes to show that everyone these days thinks they are entitled to free stuff. You know what? You get the product for free, don’t expect a shirt just because you did exactly what a beta tester is supposed to do.
It is up to all of us to help make a better end product and if people refuse to participate in beta tests just because they aren’t going to get something materialistic, Unity will start to stagnate and you’ll be stuck having to build your own engine from the ground up.
Show some appreciation for a hard working team, and be thankful when they do offer things like this, because they really don’t have to. I’m done ranting now, but I truly hope that at least one person understands what I’m saying and changes their attitude over this kind of thing.
Keep up the great work guys, I’ll be downloading the beta just to help make a better product for me, and everyone else who uses Unity.

Good points but in the interest of balance I’d like to offer an alternative angle.
Finding bugs is help we provide is free. If Unity chose to do this internally it would cost much much more than giving away 8000$ worth of prizes. So this choice of opening up the QA process might have to do with Unity wanting to increase profit. Greed tends to attract greed, the horde wants more than a tee.

Do the shirts come in women’s sizes? Because another ill fitting baggy tech shirt is really not much of an incentive ;-)

Sadly Italy is not eligible to enter the contest as well.
And, no certifications or events have place in there.
You’re cruel! T_T :)

So why, as Alice Liang noted, is this clause in there? “Canadian residents will be required to answer an additional mathematical question in order to claim their prizes.” Is this some subtle inside joke?

It’s because in Canada, these sorts of raffle-style giveaways are considered lotteries and only the government is allowed to run a lottery. So, anyone else who wants to do this type of giveaway has to make it a game of “skill,” which is why they all have super-simple mathematical questions, because that adds a skill-testing component :)

I’m curious why residents of Sweden are not eligible. Is anyone able to share with me why that is?

I submitted a few bugs for the 5.6 beta, never got a t-shirt.

And then 5.6 was rushed out anyway (we all know why) with showstopper animator bugs.

Tldr: not bothering​ with betas anymore.

Mechanime Additive Root motion key is not correctly Works. And I stop using Beta.
This problem occured always beta and modified repeatly.

Wow. Thank you for not only making the beta releases available so frequently, but for also doing this!!

If I’ve submitted a few crash reports for 2017.1 do I still need to sign up on the list in this email?


I don’t see a release notes section. Is it because I’m currently on mobile, or is ir missing?

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