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Since the introduction of the new Video Player component in Unity 5.6, we’ve had a lot of questions about how to integrate 360 video into a Unity project. Over the past months we have slowly been refining our suggested workflow and working on a high quality shader to make it happen. Today, we are pleased to announce that we are ready to share our work in the form of a beta shader ready for use in any Unity 5.6 or later project.

The concept is simple and straightforward. Take any supported video file (like an .mp4) containing either 360 or 180 equirectangular or cubemap content, import it as an asset, and play it through a Video Player component. The key is to target the Video Player to a Render Texture of the same dimensions as the video. Then, connect that texture to a Material set to use the new Skybox/PanoramicBeta shader and use that as your Scene Skybox Material.

Voila! You now have a Skybox being driven by your panoramic video! Turn on the Virtual Reality Support Player Setting and throw on a VR headset and you’ll immediately be surrounded by your video in full 360.

If you have 3D 360 content, you can take things a step further for the ultimate immersive experience by using the Skybox Panoramic shader’s 3D settings.

Full project details and documentation available at our GitHub project page.


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  1. William R. Cousert

    setembro 19, 2017 às 9:33 pm

    Can the Video Player play content stored on Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cloud storage service? If not, could this feature be added in an upcoming release?

  2. Tolouse: Congrats! Your explanation and info has been VERY helpful!!!! I could have a sample project working in my Oculus rift in minutes with audio!!!!!

    I have a quick question:

    I need to control the playback of the movie projected on the skybox with the keyboard with code similar to this:

    void Update ()


    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.P) && movie.isPlaying)




    else if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.P) && !movie.isPlaying)





    But have been trying for days to attach a script to your example with no luck.

    Can you please give me pointers on how to do it please?


  3. We’re using this on a new project and quite like it! Thank you for doing the necessary work to pin down a recommended workflow for 360 video.

    The one issue we’re having is with 6K video. Our 4K video works fine, and we’ve gotten 6K to work without audio, but every attempt we’ve made with 6K and audio stalls after a second or two of playback. Does anybody have a workflow for creating 6K or 8K video with audio that’s working correctly for Unity?

    1. Toulouse de Margerie

      agosto 28, 2017 às 8:05 pm

      Hi Sean.

      Unfortunately, most graphics cards are only rated to decode 4K H264 video in realtime. Going up to 6K or 8K often ends up resulting in decoding problems. You could check what the maximum video decoding specs for your graphics card are, or, you could try transcoding to VP8 which is our software solution. VP8 decoding doesn’t impose any limits on the resolution but will be limited by the processing power of your CPU.

      For future specific support questions, please follow up in our official VR forum here

  4. Hi! I followed this tutorial to play 360 videos. I edited and built my project on a PC and it works well on PC and Android. However when I copy my project to a Mac, console shows “Metal: Fragment shader missing texture binding at index 0 (_Tex / Skybox/PanoramicBeta)” . When I run the game, the sky is green with some distortion. It would be great if anyone could tell me how to fix this >.< Thank you!

  5. can this be build on an iOS target (iPhone, iPad)?

    1. Toulouse de Margerie

      agosto 22, 2017 às 8:30 pm

      Yes it can!

  6. Hi! Will Skybox Panoramic shader 3D settings work with 180 degree stereoscopic video in Unity? VR180 becomes popular so would be nice to get it work in Unity

    1. Toulouse de Margerie

      agosto 14, 2017 às 9:03 pm

      Yes! The Skybox Panoramic Beta shader supports both 180 and 360 video in 3D out of the box!

  7. Audio does not seem to work with this method at the moment. Is there something I am doing wrong? (Followed the instructions from…

    1. Toulouse de Margerie

      agosto 9, 2017 às 3:43 pm

      There are no special requirements for audio in this method. If your audio works when using the stock Video Player (say when targeting one of the camera planes), then it should continue to work fine when you target a Render Texture and pass it through this shader and onto the Skybox.

  8. This is really great. Thank you!

    One question: is there any reason why you named the texture _Tex and not _MainTex ? IMHO it wouldbe more consistent as _MainTex so we can use material.mainTexture property to set it rather then material.SetTexture(“_Tex”, texture);

    1. Toulouse de Margerie

      agosto 2, 2017 às 7:38 pm

      Good point. Will do.

  9. Just wondering, is there any performance gain by doing the above, vs rendering the video on the inside of an sphere with the video player directly rendering to the material of the sphere? That’s the approach I have used, and seems to work pretty well, even on mobile.

    1. Toulouse de Margerie

      agosto 1, 2017 às 4:45 pm

      There is no performance gain in using the skybox vs a plain sphere. We are simply suggesting the use of the skybox since it is a readily available sphere at infinity already present in your scene with the normals pointed inwards as needed.

  10. How about MPEG-DASH and HLS support in VideoPlayer?

    1. Toulouse de Margerie

      julho 31, 2017 às 10:23 pm

      Lisa, for the time being the VideoPlayer can stream supported video file content directly from an online server (ie. an mp4 file directly) but does not support HLS or MPEG-DASH. If you have multiple resolution/bitrate versions of your video available, you can always write your own homegrown script to chose the most appropriate one.

  11. Is that solution working in Android?

    1. Toulouse de Margerie

      julho 31, 2017 às 10:25 pm

      The panoramic shader has been tested on all supported Unity platforms. On Android specifically, we have tested it out on NVidia Shield and Samsung S7 Edge. If you find that you are having trouble using it on any other particular Android device please post your findings in our thread in the VR forums.

  12. I’m more curious as to the best approach for maintaining high quality video and also balancing file size/memory, on mobile devices. Is this something you should dynamically load in from resources or asset bundles?

    1. Toulouse de Margerie

      julho 31, 2017 às 10:26 pm

      Camille, the VideoPlayer offers basic (optional) transcoding options in the clip asset importer. You can tweak the codec, resolution and bitrate for each platform. If you want finer control over transcoding options, we suggest you use an external thirdparty tool and individually import the results into your Unity project and possibly use scripting to dynamically make decisions about which one to use.

  13. Sebastian Weiß

    julho 27, 2017 às 3:12 pm

    Is there a way to integrate live-stream videos like hls into the same Skybox instead of having to store the videos locally?

    1. Toulouse de Margerie

      julho 31, 2017 às 10:27 pm

      Sebastian, although the VideoPlayer can stream supported files directly from a server, it does not currently handle HLS. Keep in mind that if you chose to use another streaming video player option from the Asset Store that can produce video textures, it should be compatible with the panoramic shader we are providing here.