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As the end of the year and the holidays are approaching, we thought it would be fun to share with you some of the exciting Made With Unity content from 2017. Take a peek and see what some of the staff here at Unity have been enjoying this year.


“Being an old fart of an animator growing up in the 30’s… ok maybe I’m not that old, but growing up in the 70’s I was a big fan of hand animated cartoons. Although at the time I didn’t understand why classic Disney shorts from the 30’s, such as Steamboat Willie were always my favorites. When I saw the first concept art from Cuphead, I knew I was going to love this game. While extremely difficult, the game certainly didn’t disappoint! Absolute perfection of gameplay and style. My only wish is that I bought it on PC so I could play it on the road.”

Mark Schoennagel, Evangelist
Los Angeles, California

The Chalk Room (La Camera Insabbiata)

“Sand Room is a special room in this VR art experience where countless giant chalkboards construct a vast virtual space, like an enormous labyrinth of memories. I was lost in the room with other strangers, where we were following the whispers and stories in every single room. This is the best VR experience I have ever tried.”

Kelvin Lo, Unity Evangelist, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan

Coco VR Experience

“It’s an amazing cinematic extension to a great animated movie. I’m a huge fan of Pixar animated movies, and the way they always improve the rendering quality and the stories they bring to us. When I had the chance to try the Coco VR Experience after watching the movie, I was impressed by how much I could be a part of the movie. All I can think about is how Unity is closing the gap between movies and interactive experiences.”

Arturo Nereu, Technical Evangelist, Americas
Mexico City, Mexico


“SuperFlight to me is an elegant, beautiful example of what a small team, a group of students in this case, with a strong idea can achieve using Unity. For me it’s exciting to see small, well executed games like this succeeding in the wider gaming ecosystem and I’m happy that Unity can play a role in that.”

Matthew Schell, Senior Screencaster,Online Evangelism
Berlin, Germany

Tootoo Boy animated short by VideoGyan

“VideoGyan’s Tootoo boy series is a very entertaining cartoon show involving every day scenarios re-imagined from the point of view of a kid. They are wildly popular among babies and kindergarten kids including my daughter and nephews. VideoGyan is relatively small and it requires a fairly large investment to buy render farms and licenses to rendering engines in order to render their videos. With Unity they eliminate this cost along with the time they save during the iteration phase (thanks again to real time rendering!).”

Arvind Neelakantan, Technical Evangelist, South APAC
Chennai, India

Hand of Fate 2

“I really enjoy HoF’s unique gameplay mechanics, and the second installment has turned everything up to 11, out of a possible 5!”

Levi Bard, Developer, Core R&D
Copenhagen, Denmark

Endless Space 2

“This is a crazy-fun, 4x style game with a lot of sophistication. Also, I can blow up planets… so that’s cool.”

Mike Geig, Head of Global Evangelism Content
Ohio, United States

Cat Quest

“I remember the first time I saw Cat Quest- it was a video of the world map that they shared on Facebook. That was very early in development, but it captured my imagination of what kind of adventure I would experience in the world of Cat Quest.”

Boon Yi Fei, Field Engineer

We would love to hear in the comments what your favorite Made With Unity content was this year and what you are most looking forward to seeing in 2018!

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