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In 2017.3 a number of improvements were made to the Cloth Physics system such as Brush Based Constraint Painting and Self-Collision Properties. We’d like to make sure that you’re aware of all the new possibilities. This post also gives you a general overview of how Cloth Physics work.

In the video below, we’ve set up an example scene to show you how to get basic Cloth Physics working and some of the constraints you may face. You’ll see how to get started with adding the Cloth component to a mesh, how to restrict parts of a mesh from collision physics calculations as well as a few ways to fine-tune the settings of the Cloth component to get the desired material behaviour you’re after.


For additional information on the Cloth Physics component check out this page from the Unity manual.

9 replies on “Feature Highlight: Cloth Physics in Unity 2017.3”

Would be nice if you add a plane or box collider for cloth (right now it’s just sphere or capsule). I got a character whose cloak is using cloth. When they die and fall to the ground, their cloak just passes through the ground. I workaround that by disabling cloth simulation as they die. Not as realistic though. Hope you guys fix this.

I feel like in 2018 we would have cloth that doesn’t behave like floaty spider silk. Nice start though!

I greatly appreciate videos on subjects such as this, but I will also echo the earlier request – videos should be a supplement to text.

Bug Report : When the object is small, the round mark is too big in edit mode so it can not be edited , Do u know it??

Don’t make a VIDEO main content of a blogpost !
The whole content as it is should have been a footnote remark at the end of exhausting text describing the feature, together with the video LINK .
F. !

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