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Assets from Adam Episode 2 and 3 now available for creators to explore on the Unity Asset Store

, abril 11, 2018

Launched just a few months ago, Adam: Episode 2 and 3 have millions of views and are still generating loads of excitement. To fuel your creativity, Unity is releasing sample packs of ADAM EP2/EP3 characters, scenes, and Timeline assets, as well as an executable version.

Oats Studios produced two Adam sequels inspired by an original Adam demo, written and directed by Unity’s Veselin Efremov, released in 2016. Thanks to the power of real-time production and the creative innovation that came from this new way of working, the Oats team produced these short films in half the time expected.

Director Neill Blomkamp and his crew went onsite to an abandoned mine in California to capture incredible digital footage by drone and on the ground. They also built lifelike characters using real actors, digitized clothing, motion capture (mocap) and photogrammetry techniques. They pulled all of these rich assets into Unity and assembled the films using the Timeline feature, among others.

The first of their two shorts premiered at Unite Austin in 2017.

Because Oats and Unity are dedicated to fostering creativity, we are sharing many of the Adam assets with fellow creators on the Unity Asset Store to explore and use for educational purposes.

The Adam: Episode 2 executable

This file was built directly from Adam Episode 2. By downloading the executable, you can experience what real-time production feels like from a creators’ perspective. It allows the user to play and stop the film at any point, zoom and rotate the camera, etc., letting you both examine and reimagine the content. You can “shoot” render and cut all in one place. Chris Harvey, VFX supervisor, described this film as being “alive.”

We hope you’ll be delighted by this as well.

Downloading the executable

Get the Adam: Episode 2 executable here (size: 7.4 GB [unzipped] / Windows DX11 only). It is expected to run at 30 FPS @ 1080p on a GeForce GTX 1060 and Intel Core i7.

Playing the executable

Use the following controls to play – and interact with – the file.

Control Use to:
F1 key Toggle visibility of instruction panel
Left-mouse button/Space bar Toggle playback
Right-mouse button Rotate the camera (paused)
Mouse scroll wheel Zoom the camera (paused)
Right/Left arrows Skip playback forward/backward
Ctrl/Alt + arrow Skip playback more/less

Adam EP2/EP3 – Character Pack

Liven up your own projects with these Adam EP2/EP3 personas

Get the Character Pack here. This pack comes with three characters that you can explore and even experiment with in your own projects. Here you can see them in action:

They are mesh models with skeletons and full material applied for manipulation in the Unity Editor. We have also included a Look Dev tool for you to get acquainted with character details from multiple perspectives. For example:

Control Use to:
Left-mouse button Orbit camera
Middle-mouse button Zoom
Right-mouse button Pan

Please note that this Character Pack is made available under a custom end-user licensing agreement (EULA), which does not allow commercial use.

Adam EP2/EP3 – Photogrammetry Pack

Drone’s-eye view of the Adam EP3 set in California

Get the Photogrammetry pack here. This package comprises the exterior environment where most of Adam EP 3 took place. This dystopian landscape was captured by Oats with an extraordinary level of detail and includes:

  • Domain landscape
  • Domain buildings

You also get all materials and textures, which are capped at 1K for fast loading and preview. To fully enjoy this rich environment pack, download the complete 4K textures here, but be aware that it’s a very large file (15GB).

Please note that this Photogrammetry Pack is made available under a custom end-user licensing agreement (EULA), which does not allow commercial use.

Adam EP2/ EP3 – Alembic Timeline Sample

The Mirror’s virtual acting debut courtesy of mocap

There’s a lot of interest from our community about the use of Alembic in the Adam EP2/EP3 project (you can read about it in my Alembic blog post), which is why we’re releasing this package with a simplified version of the scene where we first encounter The Mirror (see link below).

Get the Alembic Timeline Sample pack here. This package includes:

  • The Mirror’s animation in Alembic (facial and cloth simulation)
  • The Mirror’s animation in FBX (skeletal)
  • Timeline asset

This pack will help you understand how to assemble all relevant assets and how Oats used Timeline tracks to achieve true character performance playback in real time.

Please note that this Alembic Timeline Sample is made available under a custom end-user licensing agreement (EULA), which does not allow commercial use.

We hope you download and check out these asset packages and the executable. Most importantly, we hope you’ll be inspired to continue developing inspiring Unity projects that we can all enjoy.

Special thanks to Jean-Philippe Leroux (Senior Technical Artist – Lighting) and John Parsaie (Graphics Engineer) for their assistance in preparing the three Adam EP2/EP3 asset packages.

More about Adam EP2 and EP3

For more behind-the-scenes info about Adam EP2 and EP3, be sure to check out this Made with Unity page for an in-depth story, images, videos and more.

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I really like skin shader. Can we use shaders for commercial use? Like, create characters for asset store that use skin shader or use shaders in our games?

Hi. I’m trying to download from the asset store but the button for downloading isnt appearing.

That’s not how CC0 worked, you should update and remove CC0, you basically put it in the public domain:

“To the extent possible under law, Christoph Peters has waived all copyright and
related or neighboring rights to the files in this directory and its
subdirectories. This work is published from: Germany.

The work is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 Public
Domain Dedication.

For more information please visit:

That’s on the asset store, by law we can do anything with it.

That is:
“No Copyright
This license is acceptable for Free Cultural Works.
The person who associated a work with this deed has dedicated the work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law, including all related and neighboring rights, to the extent allowed by law.

You can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. See Other Information below.”

EULA basically becomes a wish, not a contract

Issue here is that nobody sees the custom license mentioned on the asset store page itself. If you look these assets up in the asset store, there’s a link to “View license agreement” and it just tells that Christoph Peters have waived all copyright and that everything is licensed under CC0, it’s full opposite than the text telling people can’t use the assets for commercial use due to the custom license.

Just to recap: Asset store has it’s own license and if you have an exception to it, you have to make it publicly available. Right now we only see exception to asset store license that is even more permissive and not the other way around like your blog post or asset description suggests.

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