Postagens de Josh Naylor

PostFX v2 – Amazing visuals, upgraded

junho 11, 201816

The Post-Processing Stack makes it easy to create and fine-tune high-quality visuals for dramatic and realistic effect. Coming out of beta i... Ler mais

Unity at Gamescom 2017

setembro 8, 20172

Gamescom is one of the largest consumer gaming shows in the world with 345000 visitors over five days attracted to the Koelnmesse in Cologne... Ler mais

What we did at Global Game Jam 2016

fevereiro 24, 20164

The Global Game Jam 2016 has been and gone. This year over 36,000 developers in 93 countries got together and created 6800 games. Truly insa... Ler mais

Why you should take part in GGJ

janeiro 18, 201617

Ask any seasoned developer about game jams and their eyes will light up with sheer joy and their consciousness will drift off into the fonde... Ler mais