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How ARCore enables you to create brand new types of user interaction (Part III)

+1 maio 1, 20181

In part I and part II of our ARCore blog series, we shared how you can leverage ARCore for Unity features, like motion tracking to create a ... Ler mais

How ARCore enables you to create brand new types of user interaction (Part II)

+1 abril 6, 20181

In Part I of our ARCore series, we shared some creative ideas on how you can use capabilities like light estimation to unlock new forms of u... Ler mais

OctaneRender for Unity update

março 22, 201811

OTOY’s cinematic render engine integration with Unity just got its next major update, opening up new possibilities for you! As the worlds of... Ler mais

ARCore 1.0 for Unity is here—Start building!

fevereiro 23, 201818

ARCore for Unity is out of developer preview. Starting today, developers can use ARCore 1.0 for Unity to create high quality AR apps for mor... Ler mais

Vuforia in Unity: Build cross-platform AR apps

janeiro 15, 201833

Unity 2017.3 offers out-of-the-box support for Vuforia 7. Developers can build cross-platform AR apps that blend 3D graphics with all types ... Ler mais

Breaking into AR with Vuforia: A Unity creator shares practical advice

dezembro 21, 2017

Learn how John Keefe and his AR studio, Draw & Code, developed a wonderful new kind of toy, get access to a comprehensive Vuforia in Uni... Ler mais

Available now: OctaneRender for Unity

dezembro 14, 201745

OTOY’s cinematic render engine for the Unity editor has arrived! OctaneRender® is the first and fastest path-traced, GPU-accelerated render ... Ler mais

AR comes to Android with the ARCore SDK

agosto 29, 201728

Google's ARCore SDK preview is available today for Unity 2017.2b9. ARCore will enable AR (Augmented Reality) development for the entire Andr... Ler mais

Augmented World Expo: How Unity developers will be part of the future

junho 8, 2017

Unity is invested in Augmented Reality. More than 91% of Hololens applications and 64% of mobile AR apps are made with Unity. With all the h... Ler mais

Get started developing AR Apps with Unity and Vuforia

dezembro 8, 201613

At Unite ‘16 Los Angeles we announced a collaboration with PTC to Integrate the Vuforia Augmented Reality platform with Unity. Using advance... Ler mais