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Analytics & The Player Lifecycle

Using data to improve your game’s retention and revenue The innovations which have elevated the games industry over the last year haven’t j... Ler mais

maio 3, 201611

Games Made For Sharing: Social Game Design

It’s a truism that even in the era of instantly accessible content, nothing quite rivals the power of word of mouth. Social media can help u... Ler mais

setembro 1, 20156

Design-Driven In App Purchases: Creating Sustainable Monetization

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junho 23, 201511

A Designer’s Guide To Using Video Ads

Opting For Video Ads: Making a great game is just the start as they say.  Understanding the best way for your game to make revenue is vit... Ler mais

abril 15, 20157

Let’s Play Together: Building Games Communities

Sharing Is Like Alchemy One of the biggest pleasures of my career has been the chance to be part of the passionate dedicated fan communit... Ler mais

dezembro 29, 201412

The Players Journey

We all want to be heroes (or villains). To be the leading character in our own stories is an important aspect of playing the games we love, ... Ler mais

outubro 13, 20149

Are We Spellbound By Games – Asking Questions About Habit Forming Design

The Greatest Magic Trick Once upon a time we all thought how charming it was when games had that elusive 'addictive' quality which deligh... Ler mais

agosto 13, 20149

Magical moments: What the Everyplay acquisition means for developers

As a veteran of online, mobile and console games services I've become used to the idea of change; mostly from sitting on the sometimes uncom... Ler mais

julho 14, 201418