Postagens de Stacey Haffner

Speed up your team with the Unity Accelerator

setembro 11, 201911

The Unity Accelerator can help your team iterate faster by reducing project update wait times by up to 90%. No one likes to wait for things... Ler mais

Collaborate Developer Diary #1: Exploring the New Design

julho 1, 201916

Based on a set of guiding principles focused on delivering value to teams with diverse skill sets, we are designing a brand new experience f... Ler mais

The first steps to a new Collaborate

maio 23, 201918

Developers have hit many challenges with Collaborate - our solution for managing changes to project source files. We've started to rebuild C... Ler mais

Announcing the release of Unity Integrations

dezembro 7, 20187

Unity Integrations lets you connect key Unity services to popular productivity and communication tools like Slack, Jira, and Discord. It’s a... Ler mais

Performance Reporting is now Cloud Diagnostics

novembro 6, 201810

Better name, new features, and now accessible to Unity Personal Edition users! If you’re familiar with Performance Reporting, then Unity Clo... Ler mais

What’s new in Performance Reporting

outubro 15, 20186

Performance Reporting is a great tool for staying on top of and prioritizing the issues players experience while running your game. This Uni... Ler mais