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Will Wright’s Proxi Art Challenge

março 30, 20183

Do you have what it takes to land a gig with a legendary game designer? Show us by bringing your memories to life in Will Wright’s Proxi Art... Ler mais

Neon Challenge: Community Creations and Winners

março 14, 20189

The Neon Challenge has wrapped up, challenging our community to create a real-time environment with the help of the Asset Store. Here are yo... Ler mais

International Women’s Day 2018: Celebrating women in technology

março 8, 20186

Today, March 8th is International Women’s Day. It’s a global day celebrating women’s equality, and the political, economic, and social achie... Ler mais

Introducing the winners of the first ML-Agents challenge

fevereiro 28, 20182

From the moment we introduced it last September, the developer community has wholeheartedly embraced the ML-Agents Toolkit beta.  We’ve seen... Ler mais

Meet the inspiring Unity developers of tomorrow

fevereiro 26, 2018

Whether making short animated films, cinematic experiences or games that tackle social or mental health issues, young Unity developers are r... Ler mais

Fast Company lists Unity as #4 Most Innovative VR/AR Company

fevereiro 21, 20182

Unity is honored to be recognized by Fast Company as one of the top innovators in VR and AR. We’ve been a long-standing champion for the VR/... Ler mais

Unity at GDC: You’re invited

fevereiro 14, 2018

**UPDATE: Registration is now open for sessions at Unity Central! Sessions are all free but space is limited -- sign up now!** GDC (Game Dev... Ler mais

Introducing 2D Game Kit: Learn Unity with drag and drop

+1 fevereiro 13, 201824

The Explorer 2D Game Kit is a collection of mechanics, tools, systems and assets to hook up gameplay without writing any code. We’ve also cr... Ler mais

A 2D dream comes to life with Unity: 2D Physics in forma.8

fevereiro 5, 20182

Mauro Fanelli first started using Unity on his Mac back in 2005, but until relatively recently, he had never been a dedicated game developer... Ler mais

Global Game Jam 2018: Bringing the community into our offices

fevereiro 2, 20186

Every year, we are inspired by the creativity and community focus that comes out of jam sites around the world. This creativity inspired us ... Ler mais

The 2D tool that’s changing how levels are built

janeiro 22, 201812

Unity 2017.2 brought the Tilemap tool and with it, a major workflow change to many 2D developers. And they report that it makes an incredibl... Ler mais

Join the 2018.1 beta and earn the chance to win some Unity Gear

janeiro 20, 20189

Unity 2018.1 is gearing up to be one of the most exciting Unity releases in a while. And if you download and install the beta, not only do y... Ler mais

Asset Store delivers creative fuel for Sundance creators and other cinematic storytellers

janeiro 19, 20183

As an Official Partner of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, Unity is proud to celebrate the bold creators who are redefining storytelling via... Ler mais