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Analytics & The Player Lifecycle

Using data to improve your game’s retention and revenue The innovations which have elevated the games industry over the last year haven’t j... Ler mais

maio 3, 201611

Asset Store sale – celebrate our 5th anniversary!

Five years ago, we launched our humble little Asset Store with the hope of creating an ecosystem-like market for our community. We imagined ... Ler mais

novembro 3, 20154

A spotlight on Asset Store character controllers

Friendly greetings, Unity developers! I’d like to welcome you to the first of a series of bi-weekly editorials showcasing some of the coole... Ler mais

novembro 2, 201511

Get even more from the Asset Store

Greetings from the Asset Store team! We had a great time on our booth at Unite Boston, meeting so many of you and demonstrating some of the ... Ler mais

setembro 29, 201525

Making the UI Backend Faster

In Unity 4.6 / 5.0, the generation of batches for rendering of the UI system is very slow. This is due to a few factors, but ultimately our ... Ler mais

setembro 7, 201542

Games Made For Sharing: Social Game Design

It’s a truism that even in the era of instantly accessible content, nothing quite rivals the power of word of mouth. Social media can help u... Ler mais

setembro 1, 20156

Asset Store: A force for creative goodness.

Since its inception in 2010, the Unity Asset Store has endeavored to empower game developers with the tools and resources they need, so they... Ler mais

julho 16, 201517

Agnostic Cloud Management

Hi I am Karsten, I have been working behind the scenes of Unity since 2011, as an IT Manager, to support our IT infrastructure. Backgroun... Ler mais

maio 25, 20156

Mike Capps Joins Unity as Internal Advisor

I’m very excited to announce that Dr. Mike Capps will be joining Unity Technologies as an advisor to me, our exec team and to our core R&... Ler mais

maio 7, 201517

A Designer’s Guide To Using Video Ads

Opting For Video Ads: Making a great game is just the start as they say.  Understanding the best way for your game to make revenue is vit... Ler mais

abril 15, 20157

The So Very Many Games of GDC 2015

While GDC is a big show with a lot of big game development news and interesting talks, it's also become a show where a ton of games, especia... Ler mais

março 24, 201516

Hey Developers, You’re Awesome

Man it’s been a great couple of weeks for Unity and many of you in the community. We launched Unity 5, announced some great changes to our p... Ler mais

março 17, 201510

The Players Journey

We all want to be heroes (or villains). To be the leading character in our own stories is an important aspect of playing the games we love, ... Ler mais

outubro 13, 20149