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Extending Unity 5 rendering pipeline: Command Buffers

fevereiro 6, 201551

In Unity 5 we've been adding many user-visible graphics features (new Standard shader, realtime global illumination, reflection probes, new ... Ler mais

Renaming Serialized Fields

fevereiro 3, 201530

One of the problems we faced was how could we rename fields without having our users lose data. During our beta period, we wanted to refacto... Ler mais

Unity 4.6.2 iOS 64-bit support

janeiro 29, 201587

  Today we announce the public release of Unity 4.6.2, available for download as of right now. It is the first public release with iOS... Ler mais

Staying ahead with DirectX 12

janeiro 22, 201537

Direct3D 12 is a new graphics API with the promise of reducing driver overhead and allowing better use of multi-core systems. In those aspec... Ler mais

AddComponent(string): API Removal in Unity 5.0

janeiro 21, 201527

GameObject::AddComponent(string) has been removed in Unity 5.0.  The alternatives are two overloads of this API, one taking the component ty... Ler mais

Optimizing Shader Info Loading, or Look at Yer Data!

janeiro 18, 201517

A story about a million shader variants, optimizing using Instruments and looking at the data to optimize some more. The Bug Report The bu... Ler mais

Celebrating our first Cloud Hack Week

janeiro 12, 20158

In December, Unity engineers from all over the world descended on our Seattle office for our first ever Hack Week focused on cloud services.... Ler mais

Curious Case of Slow Texture Importing, and xperf

janeiro 10, 201527

I was looking at a curious bug report: “Texture importing got much slower in current beta”. At first look, I dismissed it under “eh, someone... Ler mais

A Primer on Repeatable Random Numbers

janeiro 7, 201520

If you're creating anything procedural, you're almost guaranteed to come in need of random numbers at one point. And if you want to be able ... Ler mais

Assembly Updater: Faster API usage detection

janeiro 6, 20158

With the introduction of Unity 5.0 we are taking the opportunity to clean up / improve some APIs, but since, at the same time, we want to ma... Ler mais

Calling all VR enthusiasts: target the Oculus Rift with Unity Free

dezembro 23, 201424

Great news! The Unity Free integration for Oculus is now available. The Unity Free integration for Oculus gives you access to the exact sam... Ler mais

R&D Christmas update

dezembro 23, 201441

The end of 2014 is coming, and so we thought that it would be good to let our users know about the progress we are making in adding iOS 64-b... Ler mais

4.6 is Released with Source for UI System!

novembro 26, 201458

Unity 4.6 also includes x86 support for Android – you can now select FAT, x86 or ARMv7 as a build target. This will allow you to export for ... Ler mais