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Valve Brings SteamVR to the Unity Platform

fevereiro 10, 201613

Today, during the opening keynote of the inaugural Vision VR / AR Summit, Valve and Unity Technologies announced a new collaboration to offe... Ler mais

Light Probe Proxy Volume: 5.4 Feature Showcase

fevereiro 3, 201620

Unity 5.4 has entered beta and a stand out feature is the Light Probe Proxy Volume (LPPV). I just wanted to share with you all what it is, t... Ler mais

Texturing high-fidelity characters: Working with Quixel Suite for Unity 5

fevereiro 2, 20164

Following the release of the assets from our demo “The Blacksmith”, we got many requests for more information on the artistic side of creati... Ler mais

Profiling with Instruments

fevereiro 1, 20167

In the Enterprise Support team, we see a lot of iOS projects. At some point, in any iOS development, developers often end up running their g... Ler mais

Unity Comes to New Nintendo 3DS

janeiro 29, 201618

We announced our intention to support Nintendo's recently released New Nintendo 3DS platform at Unite Tokyo and we’ve been very busy in the ... Ler mais

Rise of the sub-$100 Tablets: Christmas by the numbers from Unity Technologies

janeiro 26, 20164

The holiday season is a big time not only for Unity developers but also the gaming industry at large. With all of the lounging about digesti... Ler mais

Unity Drives the Democratization of Development in 2016 with Eight Unite Conferences Globally

janeiro 25, 20166

We are thrilled to announce dates and locations for our worldwide Unite conference series in 2016. Throughout the year, we will host eight U... Ler mais

GGX in Unity 5.3

janeiro 25, 20169

In Unity 5.3 Standard Shader, we have switched to GGX as the BRDF of choice for both analytical lights, such as point/directional light, but... Ler mais

Optimizing iOS app size with resource slicing

dezembro 28, 201511

App slicing is a new iOS feature available since iOS and tvOS version 9.0. It's purpose is to reduce the size of the main application bundle... Ler mais

10000 Update() calls

dezembro 23, 201576

Unity has so-called Messaging system which allows you to define a bunch of magic methods in your scripts which will be called at specific ev... Ler mais

Going deep with IMGUI and Editor Customization

dezembro 22, 201510

The new Unity UI system has now been out for over a year. So I thought I'd do a blog post about the old UI system, IMGUI. Strange timing, y... Ler mais

Final Release for Unity 4.x

dezembro 17, 201524

We are happy to ship the final version of 4.6, which is now called 4.7.0. This is the rollup of all previous patches 4.6.9p1 to 4.6.9p4 and ... Ler mais

The future of Data Compression in Unity

dezembro 16, 201523

Hello everybody! My name is Rich Geldreich, and I’m a game developer, graphics programmer, and data compression specialist. I’ve been in th... Ler mais