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Sustained Engineering Plan For Unity 4.5 and 4.6

novembro 24, 201423

Great news! The 4.6.0 public release is going live later this week. When that happens, the default Unity version will become 4.6.x. Subsequ... Ler mais

Apple iOS 64-bit support in Unity

novembro 20, 201450

Technology and hardware moves fast these days! Many of you will have seen by now the announcement that Apple made to developers on October 2... Ler mais

Porting to Unity 5 – The Untold Rust Journey

novembro 19, 201423

Facepunch Studio's founder Garry Newman and his team have been porting Rust over to Unity 5. How did it go? This blog post tells the yet unt... Ler mais

Improving the Unity 5 documentation based on your feedback

novembro 12, 201432

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Physically Based Shading in Unity 5: A Primer

outubro 29, 201455

The idea behind Physically Based Shading is to create a user friendly way of achieving a consistent, plausible look under different lighting... Ler mais

The future of Web publishing in Unity – an update

outubro 28, 201435

In the fall of 2013 Google announced their plans to discontinue NPAPI support in the Google Chrome browser by the end of 2014. The NPAPI is ... Ler mais

Unity 5.0 pre-order beta now available!

outubro 27, 201499

Unity 5 brings together an extraordinary collection of new features. Everyone from individuals to enterprise-size teams will be able to crea... Ler mais

First Unity game in WebGL: Owlchemy Labs’ conversion of Aaaaa! to asm.js

outubro 14, 201429

Starting today, Aaaaa! for the Awesome is the first commercially available Unity WebGL game! It’s been a long ride for Unity WebGL tools and... Ler mais

The Players Journey

outubro 13, 20149

We all want to be heroes (or villains). To be the leading character in our own stories is an important aspect of playing the games we love, ... Ler mais

Benchmarking Unity performance in WebGL

outubro 7, 201451

One exciting new platform we are currently working to support is WebGL. WebGL is unique when it comes to performance: all code needs to be c... Ler mais

In the Labs: Custom Build Configurations

outubro 2, 201447

"In the Labs" is a series of blog posts that put focus on features that have been prototyped internally but are experimental in nature and a... Ler mais

Expanded Oculus Rift Support in Unity

setembro 20, 201465

More awesome news today as Brendan Iribe, during his Oculus Connect conference keynote, announced that our two companies have extended our p... Ler mais

Global Illumination in Unity 5

setembro 18, 201465

Unity 5 is receiving a major make-over in terms of graphical fidelity and lighting in particular. Unity has been limited to baked lightmaps ... Ler mais