Achieve beautiful, scalable, and performant graphics with the Universal Render Pipeline

fevereiro 10, 202029

Universal Render Pipeline is a powerful, ready-to-use solution with a full suite of artist tools for content creation. You should use this r... Ler mais

How on-demand rendering can improve mobile performance

fevereiro 7, 202019

It’s not always desirable to render a project at the highest frame rate possible, for a variety of reasons, especially on mobile platforms. ... Ler mais

Behind the Lost Crypt: Art in our new 2D Sample project

fevereiro 6, 2020Responder

We’ve recently hosted a webinar about our new 2D sample project, Lost Crypt. Huge thanks to all of you who joined and contributed to a great... Ler mais

Managing credentials at Unity

fevereiro 3, 20203

As part of our Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) at Unity, we’d like to share our credential management strategy. Managing toke... Ler mais

Digging into Terrain Paint Holes in Unity 2019.3

janeiro 31, 202011

Unity 2019.3 continues to bring more exciting updates to Unity’s Terrain system, including – by popular demand – the ability to create holes... Ler mais

Reach your goals with Unity’s official online learning platform

janeiro 30, 20206

Learning Unity can be challenging. Make it easier with Unity Learn, our official online learning platform that's designed to help you reach ... Ler mais

Switching to two releases in the 2020 TECH stream

janeiro 29, 202022

With Unity’s evolution to a package-based feature-delivery system, we will reduce the number of TECH stream releases in 2020, while deliveri... Ler mais

Unity 2019.3 is now available

janeiro 28, 202079

This release features a brand-new Editor interface, new Input System, faster in-Editor iteration time and lots of other improvements. The Hi... Ler mais

Unity XR platform updates

+1 janeiro 24, 202052

Amidst a period of innovation for XR, we want to ensure Unity remains the best development platform for creators and our ecosystem partners.... Ler mais

Explore Revit models in VR with Unity Reflect

janeiro 23, 202010

Unity Reflect makes it easy to bring Building Information Modeling (BIM) data into virtual reality (VR). Learn how you can use the Unity Ref... Ler mais


Unity and Overtone at PAX East 2020

janeiro 22, 20201

We’re showcasing Unity’s voice and text chat app, Overtone, at PAX East. Experience the power of this reliable, scalable, high-fidelity comm... Ler mais

Community Component – 2019 in review and community creators to follow

janeiro 15, 202012

Last year had great highlights like, the longest uninterrupted streak of #UnityTips on Twitter, regular weekly episodes of Best of Made with... Ler mais

Reimagining in-vehicle experiences with real-time 3D

janeiro 14, 20206

Unity is teaming up with NXP Semiconductors, the world’s largest provider of automotive semiconductors, to demonstrate a human-machine inter... Ler mais