Connect and learn at GDC Summer

julho 27, 20201

Level up your artist skills and network with Unity experts during Game Developer Conference Summer (GDC Summer), taking place online August ... Ler mais

The power of Unity in AI

+1 julho 24, 2020

Since 2018, Cross Compass has integrated Unity into the pipeline of several of its consulting services for the manufacturing field to train ... Ler mais

Unity 2020.1 is now available

+1 julho 23, 202060

Our first TECH stream release of the year is available as of today. Unity 2020.1 includes a wide range of features and improvements that mak... Ler mais

Bolt para scripts visuais já está incluso em todos os planos do Unity

julho 22, 202031

Há pouco tempo, a Unity anunciou a aquisição do asset Bolt para scripts visuais do desenvolvedor Ludiq. Agora que a integração e a transição... Ler mais

Evolve your Graphics with new demo projects and sessions from Unite Now

julho 17, 20203

When it comes to graphics, you need to be able to push your visuals and have the control to be able to decide what matters to you most. That... Ler mais

Add deep links to your Unity mobile apps for better user experience

julho 16, 20207

Adding deep links within your Unity project is a simple way to drive users directly to specific content in a mobile app – no navigation requ... Ler mais

10 ways to speed up your programming workflows in Unity with Visual Studio 2019

julho 14, 202028

Visual Studio 2019 offers world-class debugging, and lots of new tools and customization options so that you can set up your coding environm... Ler mais

How A/B testing can help you optimize your mobile game

julho 13, 20206

A/B testing takes away the guesswork from the process of improving games. In games, at any one time, countless variables have an impact o... Ler mais

Making of The Heretic: Digital Human tech package

julho 10, 20206

Creating a realistic human is a complex technical challenge, as you need a huge amount of data to achieve a high level of visual fidelity.Wh... Ler mais

A better way to track events in your game

julho 3, 20208

Widespread best practices for analytics don’t necessarily apply to gaming. Set your live games up for success with effective event tracking.... Ler mais

Exploring the Unity MARS Starter Templates

+1 julho 2, 20205

Starter Templates are predesigned, customizable building blocks created to help AR developers save time in Unity MARS to deliver projects fa... Ler mais

Achieve better Scene workflow with ScriptableObjects

julho 1, 202026

Managing multiple Scenes in Unity can be a challenge, and improving this workflow is crucial for both the performance of your game and the p... Ler mais

Learn how to tell your stories in real-time 3D

junho 30, 20206

Our new course, Real-Time Animated Storytelling, is designed to help artists learn how to use Unity’s fast and powerful suite of cinematic t... Ler mais