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Texturing high-fidelity characters: Working with Quixel Suite for Unity 5

fevereiro 2, 20164

Following the release of the assets from our demo “The Blacksmith”, we got many requests for more information on the artistic side of creati... Ler mais

The Blacksmith Releases: Executable, Assets, Tools and Shaders

junho 24, 201583

Hey. We’ve promised to release the assets and our custom project-specific tools and shaders from The Blacksmith realtime short film. Well, h... Ler mais

Making of The Blacksmith: Animation, Camera effects, Audio/Video

junho 22, 201517

In this blog post we’ll be sharing our animation pipeline, and our approach to the post effects and audio and video output in the short film... Ler mais

Making of The Blacksmith: Scene setup, Shading, Lighting

junho 17, 201525

In the previous blog posts in this series we have looked at the team that created The Blacksmith, and the art production process that establ... Ler mais

Making of The Blacksmith: Concept and Art Production

junho 15, 201511

For our second blog post in this series, the team reveals some sources of inspiration behind The Blacksmith, share key concept work, and off... Ler mais

The Blacksmith FAQ & Unity’s Demo Team

junho 11, 201516

Since showing our short film The Blacksmith at GDC 2015 in March, we've received many questions from our community. Here we introduce the te... Ler mais

Atmospheric Scattering in The Blacksmith

Maio 28, 201510

Early in the planning phase of The Blacksmith, we knew we wanted an atmospheric scattering solution that would give us a little bit more det... Ler mais

Wrinkle Maps in The Blacksmith

Maio 28, 20151

When planning The Blacksmith short film, we never really prioritized a custom skin shader high enough for it to have any realistic chance of... Ler mais

Unique Character Shadows in The Blacksmith

Maio 28, 20153

It was bright and sunny morning. It must have been some time last fall, when we finally got the message we had all been waiting for: a Chall... Ler mais