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Unity 5.6 beta is now available

dezembro 13, 201658

Our latest beta release includes improved editor and 2D features, better graphics performance, a new video player and support for Facebook G... Ler mais

Unity 5.6 wraps Unity 5 cycle, what’s next in 2017

dezembro 13, 2016109

We’ve just announced availability of the Unity 5.6 beta,  and we are planning to release 5.6 in March 2017. We can confirm now that 5.6 will... Ler mais

Get the Unity 5.5 beta now

agosto 30, 201679

Today, it’s our pleasure to announce that Unity 5.5 beta is available for all users. We encourage you to download it and try out the many ne... Ler mais

A Look Inside: Unity Release Management Series

agosto 1, 201614

I didn’t expect to be writing up this blog post. I initially wrote up an email congratulating the company on our release and highlighting ch... Ler mais

Unity 5.4 is out – here’s what’s in it

julho 28, 2016105

The wait is over, and Unity 5.4 has been released! You can download it here. As we announced in March, we’ve put extra resources into beta... Ler mais

Por que assinatura?

junho 5, 2016235

Nos últimos dias estive lendo os comentários sobre os novos produtos e preços, e antes de mais nada, saibam que estamos ouvindo e lendo tudo... Ler mais

Maintaining a stable version of Unity while keeping up the pace of innovation

março 15, 201638

In response to recent user feedback, we’ve decided to make a full public beta of Unity 5.4 available in addition to our current stable relea... Ler mais

Enhanced visuals, better performance, and more: the Unity 5.4 public beta is ready for you to download

março 15, 201660

As part of our commitment to bringing you stable products, Unity 5.4 is now available as a beta to all Unity users, including everyone using... Ler mais

Light Probe Proxy Volume: 5.4 Feature Showcase

fevereiro 3, 201620

Unity 5.4 has entered beta and a stand out feature is the Light Probe Proxy Volume (LPPV). I just wanted to share with you all what it is, t... Ler mais

10000 Update() calls

dezembro 23, 201576

Unity has so-called Messaging system which allows you to define a bunch of magic methods in your scripts which will be called at specific ev... Ler mais

Unity 5.3: All-new features and more platforms

dezembro 8, 2015191

We’re pleased to announce that Unity 5.3 is ready for download! Go grab it now. With this latest release, we’re bringing you a wide variety ... Ler mais

The State of Game Performance Reporting

dezembro 2, 20158

Many of you have been using our Game Performance Reporting service to get crash reports, and asked questions about our plans going forward. ... Ler mais

Custom Coroutines

dezembro 1, 201567

Among all the shiny new features, there is a tiny one line in the Unity 5.3 release notes for a feature that I found useful and I think you ... Ler mais