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First, I’ve got to brag about Unity iPhone 1.0.2. The feedback we are getting is great — increased frame rate, audio working a lot better, memory leaks are out the window.  We couldn’t be happier about it!

But so far, most of the Unity bloggers have focused entirely on technical subjects, road maps, and release information… and from our best brains!  But where is the completely irrelevant blogging about the Unity trampoline, my cats, what’s served for lunch at Unity, idiosyncratic server names, and the like? It’s right here!

First scoop: The Unity trampoline. Inspired by the essential-geek-startup-novel Microserfs, we got a Unity trampoline. It was briefly mentioned late one night when Joachim was bouncing restlessly between coding, and he immediately bought one online. A few days later, *VIOLA* (sic), we have a 4m diameter trampoline of death in our back yard.

Unity Tramponauts include Joe, Sam, Alex, David, Nich, me and a few other brave souls.  Joe’s mastered backflips in less than a week.   Because Unity developers are well-trampolined each day, your software is guaranteed to be robust and well-exercised.  How many other game engine developers do you know who rigorously trampoline their dev-team daily?

The Lunch Report:  As you may or may not know, Unity Technology feeds our highly-intelligent action-squad of programmers with nutritious, brain enriching lunches daily.    Most recently, however, our caterer has taken to serving fish and chicken on a daily basis.  It has been theorized that our caterer receives an enormous dump-truck every morning full of chicken.

Today’s lunch: Interestingly, fish was absent.  Mixed salad with arugula, couscous with vegetables, chickpea and chicken blend, and the standard bread with cheese.  Water and napkins were also present.

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We want to see you guys eat the fish & chicken while bouncing on the trampoline-of-death (choke).
Pics please! ;-)
Harrr harrrr


@Lukas: Yeah we Dutch will have to do with a ping-pong table since there isn’t that much room left in the country…. ;-) I’d love to fly in though just for a game of Paladin-vs-Twins @.@

A trampoline sounds quite nice, in fact I wanne try it out some time!
Here at Paladin Studios we got a pingpong table, its amazing how good one can get with every day training ;)

Indeed a good start Caity :)
Jashan: I believe the term depends on genre. «Unitoid» is quite scifi-ish — personally I’m very fond of the term «uniteer» ;) Oh and the timestamp on this post lies. I so did not sit up doing compiler tweaks and UI polish all night again!

Great blog-posting, thanks Caity! Now we have Unitoids (= Unity users) and Unity Tramponauts — that’s just awesome. And I very much agree: Trampolining will increase software-quality (brains work better when you shake them before use ;-) … it easily removes the knots that develop during the process of software-engineering).

Hey Caity, nice blog. For any stalkers out there its good to get the mundane info as well. Have heard you set up a Unity Geeks group on Second Life, is that correct cos I am bet there are lots of ppl bursting to join up ;)

What an amazing start to your blogging career! :D I’ll look forward to up to date reports and chicken and trampolines, as well as the much promised cat reports! Are cats allowed in the office?

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