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This is my first post on the Unity blog and will be short because…hey, I still have more work to do. However, I wanted to drop a quick link to a mini-tutorial that I threw together for touch phase input. I was working on the larger iPhone tutorial that Ethan spoke about in a previous blogpost and having some trouble with touch input, so I decided to break out to a separate project and create something simple to track touches. It’s not quite a tutorial because I’m not including a PDF with step-by-step instructions, however, I’ll get around to that later before we put it up in Resources section of the website. Here’s my project folder with comments in the source code for what I’m doing:

TouchPhases Project Folder

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  1. do you have a PC project folder resource?
    if you have it .please send me.thanks very much!

  2. I modified the ResponseCurveEditor.cs script to mark the curve as dirty, so that it gets saved properly. Additionally, if you had enabled/disabled the MonoBehaviour that held the curve that would have saved it properly. You can download an updated project from the Resources section.

  3. Heya, Amir.

    Any chance you could please, please, please give me a little hint as to how I can save these edited response curves to use later? TIA! ;-)

  4. Now why didn’t I realize that. ;-)

    Is there an «easy» way to save curves edited with it though?

    It’d be a hoot!

    I’d love to be able to use a response curve to trim my input values, instead of a bunch of math.

  5. Thanks for checking into that, Amir!

    I’m curious though, what’s the point of a curve editor if you can’t save the edited curve?

    1. For experimentation of course ;)

  6. A quick glance at the Response Curve Editor code reveals that there isn’t save functionality :(

  7. Hey, Amir. I’m playing with the Unity iPhone TunnelRunner demo — in particular its response curve.

    I’ve noticed though that changes that I make to the response curve in the editor are lost between sessions.

    Do I need to do something special to save the changes I make to the curve?

  8. What a cool demo! Thanks, Amir!