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5 Unity powered iPhone games in TOP100 right now!

, Сентябрь 23, 2009

Thanks to you guys, having an iPhone game made with Unity topping iPhone chart sales is no surprise to anyone. But do you know that there were simultaneously 3 games in TOP100 ALL apps at the beginning of the last week? Now even better — at least* 5 games made with Unity can be found in TOP100 GAME charts today!

*) we do not know all iPhone games made with Unity, so if your game is not listed here, please, let us know!

These games are in TOP100 GAME charts at the moment:

  2. httpv://

  3. Zombieville USA
  4. httpv://

  5. Castle Warriors
  6. httpv://

  7. Samurai: Way of the Warrior
  8. httpv://

  9. Monster Trucks Nitro
  10. httpv://

These games sold enough to be in TOP100 last week:

  2. Zombieville USA
  3. RC Heli — Indoor Racing


Go, Indie, go!

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  5. How in the world did Monster Trucks Nitro pull off that reflective track effect at 0:18 on an iPhone?!?!

    1. @Brady: I suppose that is a good old environment mapping.

  6. Thanks for featuring BATTLE BEARS! Developing on Unity allowed us to get the game from concept to completion in record time. We are hard at work on BATTLE BEARS v1.5 which is going to be insanely awesome! Keep up the great work team Unity!

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