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As a follow-up to my Getting Started with Unity blog post, I wanted to bring your attention to three recent tutorial sites:


First up is design3, a subscription based site created by Noesis Interactive, who create professional courseware for Universities. They have over 200 Unity specific videos and more on the way. Whether an educator, a student, or a business, you can check out their free trial and see if it works for you.

Next up we have Will Goldstone’s Unity 3D Student. This is a great concept, he doesn’t provide the standard “here is a huge tutorial about how to make X kind of game” but rather has micro tutorials that teach fundamental concepts — and then challenges that require the student to piece together what they’ve learned.
And finally, the Tornado Twins have begun to serve up their tutorials on their Unity Prefabs site. The first few chapters of each series are free; if you like them then you can purchase the remaining chapters for that series.

Happy learning!

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  1. Unity Break the Mold !!!!
    I still say to myself sometime, I cannot still believe this is
    happening, this package is to good to be true.
    More and more tutorial are available and I was actually
    loooking for something like this.
    Will Goldstone’s is the Unity 3D Guru, his book is excellent,
    and once again this new site is totally awesome.

    Keep it High!

  2. I regularly peruse and use foreign language tutorial sites via google.translate and have gotten some of my best training this way. is another one..

  3. Thanks for the good info!

  4. I second Michael Brockwell’s suggestion. However, this is a great start!

  5. There should be a Unity support site directory. it would make finding the best tutorials easier.

  6. @Lars

    Thanks! I think I’ll need to do a post, or a page, about all of the community sites, especially non-english sites.

  7. I think you forgot for free German Unity tutorials.