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Control 9 opens the Asset Store

Press Control-9 (Windows) or Cmd-9 (OSX) to launch the Unity Asset Store browser

Wow. Over the last two weeks we’ve launched an outstanding addition of over 40 new assets ready to use in your game projects!  This brings our total number of asset store packages to over 170, and the submissions keep coming in!  Whether you need extra assets to add more detail and decor to your scene, models and animations for players and NPCs, extensions to enhance editor functionality, or a complete project to retool for your own purposes,  the Asset Store has content that will both save you time and enhance your projects. Almost everything new to the store is exciting, but there are a few especially outstanding offerings.

Mixamo Dragon Pack

Mixamo Animation and Character Packs
Mixamo brings several characters and matching animation packs to the asset store.  You’ll find almost everything you’ll need for third person and NPC character action in these kits.  Most impressive, in my opinion, is their amazing Mixamo Dragon pack.  Featuring two AAA quality, rigged and animated dragons, this pack is jaw-droppingly good.   As a player character, an enemy for a boss-fight, a fantasy background character, or extreme marshmallow roaster, your game will be on fire with these stunning dragons!


Age of Sails

This pack of highly stylized, well-crafted frigates, ships and barges will work great in any RTS, sailing or pirate game, or just for packing your harbors and oceans.  They weigh in at a triangle-count low enough for usage on any mobile device, but are so well textured and modeled to look great in any platform.



Six times Nothing (aka 000000) brings an innovative extension that I believe will be put to use in games everywhere, UniSky.  UniSky is a great solution which can generate procedurally animated skies with 24-hour day/night cycles (with moon, sun and stars), atmospheric scattering, procedural 2D clouds and parameters for weather (including precipitation!).  There’s a great demand for this functionality in all kinds of games, and no reason to reinvent the wheel— especially now that Six Times Zero has done it so well!

Other awesome packages worth checking out include…

Pacific Aircraft Pack
It’s 1943 all over again with Digital Lightbox’s highly professional Pacific Aircraft Pack.  Need a B17 Flying Fortress for your game?  How about a Nakajima Ki-43?  We got em!  Pro enough for any platform, light enough for a mobile game.   Check them out!

MultiPanel by Owlchemy Labs
The great owlchemists at Owlchemy Labs have created a wonderful time-saver—  Multipanel.  This editor extension allows you to apply common actions on multiple objects in your hierarchy at the same time— things you would normally have to do manually, including toggling, resetting, adding, removing, tagging, and more.  Just $5!

Crates — Love em, hate em, can’t live without em.
Okay. Let’s cut to the chase— we all love and hate crates.  But the inescapable fact is that you need them.  Explode them, hide behind them, push them around, drop them, and stuff them in warehouses.  Use the best ones out there— namely the crate-tastic Ultimate Crate Pack by 3D Attack.

Enrich developers, enrich yourself!
Our top sellers are making thousands of dollars a month. Got something mind-blowing, time-saving or awe-inspiring?  Submit it to the Unity Asset Store and make some money while you’re at it.  Although we’re a bit picky about quality, if you think you’ve got it, send your stuff our way!  For more information, just click here:

5 replies on “Unity Asset Store growing and growing”

Hey guys, great questions..

Ashkan, we’re working on a portal for developers to check the state of their own sales. In the meantime feel free to email me ( if you have some urgency. We’ve just put better email communications for supporting Asset Store users and customers, so that should be improved.

Eva, if you are experiencing issues still just shoot me off an email.

Simon, that’ll come with the upcoming developer portal.

1) How do we as content suppliers get reports of sales? Nothing about that anywhere.
2) How do we change the text of our assets and / or additional screens of the assets?
3) Please answer email.

If this doesn’t change it is difficult to justify using additional ressources to provide new assets to the community.

Yes a separate support- email for the asset store would be great! I tried to download an extension (payed for it), but the download didn´t work. Have to wait for an answer from the «normal» unity support…. Today I tried to download the dragon package, but after clicking the download button it said: please wait……..

how we can no that weather our package is still pending or just accepted or not? please create a status page for each publisher or at least answer emails.

thank you

You are right, many assets look great, but if I don´t know how many vertices or polys they have- they are useless for me. It would be great for the store, if it would be mandatory to post also the polycout.
Thanks a lot!

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