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Hi Everyone,

We are very happy to announce that Unity Android and Unity Android Pro are now available!

Head here to download a trial and read on for extra info on what is included.

Naturally, Android fits straight into the editor like all the other platforms, so its incredibly simple to take your existing games and port them directly over to the new build target. Exactly like the iOS remote, we also have Android remote, which lets you test out your game on the fly.

We have also been working closely with the various android hardware manufacturers to ensure we get lightning fast performance in all areas.

Its also worth noting that since we released the preview version of Android Pro, we’ve already had developers working on nearly 50 real-world projects and seen great successes for guys like Madfinger games with Samurai II: Vengeance.

We are also keeping the same pricing model that we have with iOS. So Unity Android is $400 and the Unity Android Pro is $1500.

Finally, You can get hold of an Android Pro license for free! We are running a competition to give away 4 Android Pro licenses, In order to get hold of them, either become a fan of the Unity Page on facebook or follow us on twitter. Then make a comment on facebook or re-tweet the launch announcement with a sentence to explain why you thing the license should be yours. Read more about the contest here.

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  1. You guys support Android but not Linux? …

  2. When can we expect to see a demo of the new light probes feature for Beast ?

  3. Just found this youtube video: ( Unity3D games Now running on the Android tablets )

  4. Ryan von Ramshorst

    Март 3, 2011 в 7:02 дп

    finally,android support !

  5. @Herald Mahadewsing

    I would like to know that too

  6. Herald Mahadewsing

    Март 2, 2011 в 3:36 пп

    will the new ui system be more optimized and faster in performance than the ui system that unity3d currently has ?

  7. @tino

    Yes,especially some demos of the new upcoming artificial intelligence solution and the new UI solution.

  8. Great work guys, any chance we can see demo scene for unity android available for download ?
    Also, can you tell us your plan about future releases of demo scenes, I know that many of us would like to see more of them…

  9. Nice work.

  10. Wonderful!!! I will get Unity Android right away.

  11. We have been beta testing Unity Android since the beginning, with our success project Dead Strike (on the iPhone) and a current next gen mobile project Forgotten Memories. I must say, even at early stages of Unity Android it was pretty solid. Now it is solid than ever and we’ll continue to beta test all Unity products, providing as much feedback as we can while enjoying our Unity development. It’s really a pleasure to be on board and use all Unity tools.
    Guys you rock! Keep those ninja flying, shining and making Unity every day better!
    Warm regards from Psychoz Interactive Montreal.

  12. Will it ever stop. great news, after great news, after great news…
    It has been like this since I have bumped into this wonderful engine which is a year and a half ago.
    Just bough myself a low range Android mobile HTC wildfire, I am going to give that a try this week.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  13. Congratulations guys!