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Many people were asking for slides from yesterdays «SHADOWGUN: rendering techniques and optimization challenges» talk, so here it is: SHADOWGUN at Unite’11 slides. And sorry for poor projector image.

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  1. want unity to flash version

  2. ShadowGun game was mentioned by Techzine during their Live coverage of the iPhone 4S event today. Next to Infinity Blade 2, Rage, … The presenter talked about ShadowGun how much he liked it.

  3. @vw : Lol Dynamic Fluid Surface eh….XD

  4. Thanks for the slides. There were some tricks I didn’t think of.

    But I had a ‘blog-déjà vu’ while reading about ‘interactive fluid surfaces’.
    Haven’t we heard it before somewhere? hehe :)

  5. Will you be making all of the videos and presentations publicly available? Please do! thanks :-)