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Building Quality

This presentation focused on what we do to make Unity awesome, giving an overview of the QA teams and the tools we use in our day-to-day work. Our approach to manual testing was also mentioned, emphasizing test as a creative and challenging craft. We also talked about the role of our community in building a quality product.

Unity Test Tools

This talk was dedicated to creating games guided by tests. This is not a trivial task, especially when working with code bases that have not been designed with testability in mind. The presenters drew from their own experience and best practices of test automation, and gave a demonstration of the  recently released Unity Test Tools.

Automated performance regression testing

The secrets of performance regression testing were revealed during this talk, showing what kind of data we collect from performance tests and how they are used for identifying regressions .

We continued our discussions over a glass of beer at the after-party. Our first Unity Night was a success, with informative sessions in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We really hope that those who attended Unity Night enjoyed it as much as we did and that those who missed this opportunity will join us in the future.


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