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More awesome news today as Brendan Iribe, during his Oculus Connect conference keynote, announced that our two companies have extended our partnership in order to ensure that Unity is available for all of our development community. That means whether you’re using the free version of Unity or Unity Pro, you’ll be able to create awesome VR experiences for the Oculus Rift and the Oculus VR Store for free!

We’re working with Oculus to create an official add-on supporting the Oculus Rift in Unity that everyone will have access to for free. We know a lot of you have interest in creating new experiences and experimenting with one of the most exciting platforms around so we’re very happy to make that as easy as possible.

The Oculus add-on will include stereo imaging optimizations, 3D audio support, deeper Unity editor integration, inclusion of the Oculus Rift in the Unity development and debugging workflow, integration of Oculus-specific APIs within Unity, and direct publishing to the Oculus platform.

We do want to make sure everyone can work on Oculus projects while the Unity for Oculus add-on is in development. To that end, we’re working with Oculus to make the current Oculus plug-in, one that has been available for free for Unity Pro users, also available for those making games with the free version of Unity. This new plugin version will be made available for free download on the Oculus developer site as soon as possible.

We’re already seeing some amazing things being made in Unity for the Oculus Rift. Projects like Lucky’s Tale, Game of Thrones: The Wall, The Gallery: Six Elements, DarkNet, Titans of Space, Blocked In, and our 2014 Unity Awards winner for Best Student Project, The Rift: U.R.I.D.I.S., demonstrate the great creative potential in virtual reality and the Oculus Rift. We can’t wait to see what you can do with dedicated tools!


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Hi there Jean I was also wondering the same thing. Would you happen to have any trails for me to follow. I am working on trying to get a model of a building visualized with the Rift. If you have the time I would really appreciate the pointers.

Hi, me again… :D

Ok, all I can guess is, this so-called «Oculus VR» patch has somehow given us a full free pro license!

And I can prove it too: got the Oculus VR bit, loaded it in unity… HOW COME DEFERRED RENDERING’S WORKING IN FREE?! O.O

Ok, it’s me again, I am VERY CONCERNED after doing some research on this patch, and everyone has said it always unlocks RenderTextures, and allows publishing with them! is this even LEGAL?! Of course, for Oculus, it’s supposed to be like that, but with just standard desktop only… I can smell a rat! :D

Well, is there actually officially RenderTextures in free? or is it another license bug related to the Oculus VR patch? Reminds me of one I found a while back in 4.3… :D

I forgot to mention something.
This does not mean that I will not buy Unity Pro.
I am still however saving up for Unity Pro because of some features like AVPro, navigation, shaders, FacePlus, a few other assets that require Pro and of course Dark grey.

I do however support Unity as I own already more than 5000$ in assets or more and that will keep growing over time. Unity is not perfect, but it is slowly getting there and it makes everything very flexible indeed. If I hadn’t kept buying assets, I would have owned Unity Pro a long time ago.

But who cares?
I am now a part of the move and I feel that Unity and Oculus have a great tech changing future together. I am by no means, not yet a professional.

This is my hobby and a hobby that I wish to at some point turn into something very creative and awesome. I am confident that if you stay with it, you will not just be a big part of it but also be a big contribution to breaking the commercial market into bite size pieces for every man/woman.
So stay with it, it’s all new and can be a big pain in the ass sometimes when things don’t work as expected.
BUT we see now that people are working very hard, very hard indeed to give us all that ultimate experience in time and with time.

I have learned to now be patient about it all, as it is rapidly all gluing together.

“Smoke me a kipper skipper; I’ll be back for breakfast.”

Thanks and thank you guys and girls all, thank you very much.
Oculus and Unity have made the right choice here, I will try it out later today, so fingers crossed.

I don’t get it.

Downloaded and installed the latest oculus 0.4.3 sdk and runtime. Downloaded the «Unity Free Integration» package. Imported the package, opened the cubes scene and hit play.

A ton of errors, among them, several «License error. This plugin is only supported in Unity Pro!»

What am I doing wrong? I am using Unity 4.6.0b20, is this not supported?

UT, can we get a status update on this?
I’m not necessarily asking for a precise release date, but is it really asking too much to just post something like: «we are 80% done», «we are 40% done» or even «we haven’t even started yet»?

Come on, you can do it…

Seriously, how much longer do we have to wait? I have a Unity Pro license, and it works there, but some of my colleagues only have free, and the OculusUnityIntegration is not yet working for them. Any news, Unity? MAKE IT HAPPEN, BECAUSE THOUSANDS ARE WAITING. The RiftFAQ

Will this new plugin work with the 64 bit Unity 5 Beta editor? We are having issues with the current Oculus DLL in Unity 5 64 bit.

The sooner we get our hands on this new toy, the better :D

So, any eta? It was said that it gets releasd in «days» not weeks. Its already «weeks» now. Any Eta? Sorry for my impatience, but cant wait!

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will the barrel distortion effect value be editable??
i’m asking this because i want to develop for google cardboard and i don’t know if the barrel distortion effect
for the rift and the cardboard is the same.

r u sure about that??
i saw the google official release video of the cardboard
and they say that the android sdk they provide, generates a barrel distortion to cancel out the pincusion distortion effect of the lenses.
i hope you are right, it will be much easier :))
thx again.

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Fantastic!! I was starting to get a little worried that the free users will get left out and then we would loose a lot of Oculus fans to UE. It means now I can actually make oculus stuff in Unity free and sell it, thenbe able to at last buy Pro. I have been trying to save up for pro but 24h sales keep blowing my savings.

Thanks Unity and Oculus for this great news.

That’s a really great news! I was expecting it would happen one day and now that you’ve announced it i’m really excited about that! can’t wait!

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Thanks Graham, Dave Hampson mentioned as much on the Oculus subreddit just recently. (He’s been doing a great job bringing us this news, by the way!) This is truly excellent news that just got even better.

Looking forward to doing some more Unity projects!

How is it going to work on the free version of Unity without RenderTexture? Some Rift-only API, or maybe RenderTextures will be made free (dreams, I know)?

@ZimM: hey not everything at once! :) Oculus will work very similarly how «directional light shadowmaps» or «terrain billboards» work in free version (which both internally need render-to-texture, and are special cased to work without a Pro license).

Awesome news! Especially the news about being able to use it with Unity Free! Also loved the demo of the idol concert at Tokyo Game Show this past weekend. Made me jump back a bit!

Now only if the damn oculus would finally ship to me… I can actually so stuff with it… thank you to the Unity Team, and Oculus too, for making this possible for the developers amongst us who do not have the money to buy Unity Pro :)

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Exciting news, how about Gear VR? Are we still looking at unity pro + Android pro, or will the same support cover ‘powered by Oculus’ devices as well?

Great news and good commercial decision IMO.

I’ve spent a lot of my career explaining to my employers (IBM included) the benefits of letting casual developers have free access to development tools especially with a new technology.

As a hobbyist developer, it means I am more likely to use Unity now and, if my company decides to develop Apps, I will use the professional version later.

So happy to see this announcement !

This is great but I just struggled to scrape up the $1500 10 days ago strictly for the ability to build for Rift. And now I feel a bit screwed …

@Erwin — we’ll get a patch out as soon as possible, thinks days not weeks.

@Nathan — none of us at Unity have lives outside of work you know. ;-)

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[…] has updated a blog with a post by CEO David Helgason to enhance this announcement. More info approach from Oculus on […]

Awesome! At what point in time will this functionality be available? Will there be a patch or upgrade of version 4.5, or do we have to wait until version 4.6 or 5?

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