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It’s that time of the year again! Global Game Jam is on next weekend! Unity Pro trial licenses are available to download right now, so you can prepare your toolset for the jam. We’re also running a number of giveaways and shipping Unity people to game jams sites across the world.

Unity 4 Pro trial licenses are valid for thirty days and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve used a trial version before or not. To get it, head over to our Global Game Jam site and login. To use Unity Cloud Build with your Unity Pro GGJ trial license, use GA-MEJA-MGAM-EJAM-GAME-JAMG as a license code.

You can also enter a raffle to win Unity Pro licenses at a number of individual game jam sites (in countries that allow sweepstakes). We’ll announce the lucky winners on January 27.

Just like last year, we’re also running Twitter sweepstakes for jammers using Unity. Just tweet about whatever you’re making with #ggj15 #madewithunity before midnight San Francisco time on Sunday and you can win a $200 voucher for the Asset Store.

I’m heading out to Plovdiv, Bulgaria, for the jam. More than 30 other Unity and Unity affiliated folk will meet you in person in Cleveland, Moscow, Vancouver CA, Taipei, Washington D.C., Manila, Atlanta, Loveland (CO), Seoul, Okinawa, London-Google Campus, London-SAE, Singapore, Memphis, Staffordshire, Tokyo-Hachioji, Tokyo-Koutou-ku , Malmo, Melbourne, Shanghai, Vilnius, Paris, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Porto Alegre, Portland, Toronto, Cambridge (MA), Nagano and San Francisco.

Arturo Nunez will spend the weekend on Google Hangout with jam sites in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Chile and Colombia. He’s looking to add more jammers in Latin America, so let him now in the comments if you’d like to join the Spanish speaking hangout.

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The GGJ 15 serial key is no longer working — a message displays when entering it into Unity that it has already been used too many times and that it needs to be de-activated on other computers. Is there any way we can another key as one of our team members needs the pro version to wrap up work on our entry. Thanks and also thanks for your sponsorship of this event.

i’m from Trinidad and Tobago working with a team of six on unity developed games! Though we are english speaking, we are apart of the latin American/Caribbean region, and would be really happy to be included in this.

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