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, Сентябрь 10, 2015

Окно Services появилось в Unity 5.2, и это — ваш пропуск к Unity Ads, Unity Analytics, Unity Cloud Build и Unity Multiplayer. Для доступа к ним больше не нужно интеграции с SDK, а нужно лишь несколько щелчков мышью.

Сначала откройте окно Services — либо из меню Window, либо щелкнув на «облачный» значлк в правом верхнем углу окна редактора Editor.

windows dd

Вам предложат создать Project ID — это уникальный идентификатор вашего проекта (вероятнее всего, игры). В окне Services появятся четыре вкладки: Services, Members, Age Designation и Settings.



Чтобы подключить Unity Ads и Unity Analytics, просто поставьте переключатель проекта в положение «On». Чтобы включить Unity Cloud Build, просто примите условия, а что касается Unity Multiplayer, вы уже сейчас можете корректировать настройки для работы с ним. Все готово!


Важно предоставить соответствующие права участникам, которым вы собираетесь дать доступ к проекту. Вы можете пригласить их в проект непосредственно с вкладки Members и предоставить права с панели управления проектом. Каждый проект принадлежит определенной организации, у организации может быть несколько проектов.


Возрастные ограничения

Разработчики, чьи приложения нацелены на детей до 13 лет, проживающих в США, должны удовлетворять требованиям COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act). Если ваша игра или приложение входит в эту категорию, установите значение «under 13» в возрастных настройках (Age Designation settings). Это наложит некоторые ограничения на данные, собираемые Unity Analytics или Unity Ads, но, безусловно, вы можете продолжать использовать оба сервиса.


На вкладке Settings можно переименовать проект (но нельзя изменить уникальный идентификатор проекта). Чтобы создать новый Project ID, например, если вам нужно использовать проект в качестве шаблона для других, просто щелкните «Unlink». В дальнейшем связь можно восстановить, если потребуется.

Вот и все

Подключив сервисы Unity, вы можете настраивать их при помощи онлайновых панелей управления. В этом вам поможет документация к Unity Ads, Unity Analytics, Unity Cloud Build и Unity Multiplayer.  

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  1. This doesn’t work with my version of unity 5.2.
    I click the cloud or go to the window menu and nothing happens on the services tab. The tab is clean and Im not prompted to create an id, nothing happens. Any Ideas?.

  2. why is these not working i wont i working by today

  3. There is an actual bug with 5.2. If you use the Social api’s to login with GameCenter, do not enable Unity Ads from the Unity Services panel, this will make the game crash constantly in iOS when you try to authenticate. As a workaround, use the asset store package and not the one that comes with Unity as default. Hope they can fix this quickly

    1. Yes, we are aware, and it has also been reported on forums. We are working on a fix for this, and will hopefully have a solution soon. Until then, you can still use Ads from Asset Store, which works for this case.


  4. Hi Rasmus,

    Could I include the multiplayer service in my «Tic-Tac-Tut» tutorial on the Asset Store? I’ve had a few requests for network support, but I’m trying to avoid using any «Pro» features in the tutorial. Knowing exactly what features will be available once the beta expires will help immensely.

  5. Thank you.

    I’m interested in hearing about Victor’s question too.

    I like the free tier so I can try to intergrate and learn how to use these services without needing to assume I’m going to have a game or app that makes a lot of money.

  6. Is there any way to bypass the initialization from Services for Unity Analytics and Unity Ads, and set the id’s for both from code? I have a few reasons to avoid enabling services for every project and not just because it is an extra step to take, such as:

    — on webplayer/standalone platform, I get an Unity Ads related error, because they are not supported on those platforms. Now I have to disable them manually, while with code I can just write some Preprocessor Directives and be disabled automatically
    — the Ids for ads and for analytics can be stored in a remote settings file, and can be changed after the game has been released on the stores, without an update
    — the purpose of the services was to make our job easier and have a better workflow, but I do not see any advantage over the old way with separate plugins
    — with separate plugins, we can get direct updates through the asset store for critical bugs, without the need to update the whole Unity for it (but I guess that’s a two way street)

    Please give an alternate solution to this! Let me know what you guys think.

    1. Hi Victor,

      Yes, sorry this hasn’t been documented better, but you can use «#ifdef UNITY_ADS» as conditional around your Ads code, so it won’t get compiled on platforms currently not supported by Ads. Alternatively you can use the usual UNITY_IOS conditionals as described on

      /Rasmus, Unity

      1. Yes, I know I can use Preprocessor Directives around the ad related code, and it worked fine before Unity 5.2
        Now when I enable ads from services on standalone, without ANY CODE FOR ADS I get the error:
        » Error: Trying to get gameId of unsupported platform Win. UnityEditor.Advertisements.UnityAdsEditor:EditorOnLoad()»
        So I have to disable it manually for these platforms, and not to forget to enable it for Android and iOS

        1. It should be possible to build your game for platforms where Ads is not supported (just verified I can build a project with Ads for standalone without problems). Can you please post this issue on including some code to reproduce, so we can continue the conversation there?

          Rasmus, Unity

      2. I have created a new thread with this error. It’s easy to reproduce, just an empty project, enable Unity Ads from services, set the platform to standalone and press play in editor. I use Unity 5.2.0f3

  7. Is there any chance that Mercurial support for Cloud Build will be available for the free tier like Git is currently?

    1. We expect to announce more details on e.g. features included in the different service tiers at Unite Boston later this month. Until then please try the services and let us know what you think :)

      /Rasmus, Unity

  8. Interesting services but one thing that holds me back from using them in my games is will they be free after beta?

    1. Hi John,

      The short answer is «There will always be a free tier» (has also been mentioned at Unite and GDC events). What the exact details will be, is still to be figured out. But generally the goal of course is to develop services which is valuable to our users.

      /Rasmus, Unity