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Games by the Numbers (2016 Q2): BRIC Countries Dominate Global Mobile Game Installs

, 20 июля, 2016

The Q2 2016 edition of the “Games by the Numbers” report is now available! This quarterly report reveals global game install trends across different platforms, devices and regions.

Unity by the Numbers - 2016 - Infographic1-Final

Key highlights from this report include:

  • The BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China, accounted for four of the top five global game install leaders with 41% of the total and 42% of Android. Four of the top five Android mobile device manufacturers for BRIC countries are from China.
  • Android achieved near total dominance in Indonesia, with 96% of total game installs, surpassing the Republic of Korea and Brazil (Q1 2016 leaders, each with 92%).
  • Marshmallow (6.0 or later), released in October 2015, gained significant traction over the last quarter, jumping over 4.5X to 7.5% of installs globally, likely a result of all the major device manufacturers kicking off rollouts of Marshmallow on their devices.  
  • iOS showed more consolidation with 78% (vs 72% in Q1) of installs occurring on devices running iOS 9.0 (released September 2015) or later.

This marks the third data report developed in conjunction with the Unity Analytics team and is based on the anonymized data of the 238K Made with Unity games which generated 4.4B installs from 1.7B unique devices in Q2 2016. To see all the insights and trends, download the full report:


More Information:


Report version history

April 2016, Second edition covers Q1 2016 

Sept 2015, First edition covers April-July 2015


10 replies on “Games by the Numbers (2016 Q2): BRIC Countries Dominate Global Mobile Game Installs”

So, from what I can gather, it’s mostly China doing all of the work for the «BRIC» countries. The US has more game installs than Brazi, Russia, and India put together. Why not just say China?

[sarcasm]And why not say BRJC, since Japan has the same percentage?[/sarcasm] Because BRICs are the 4 big leaders in between the underdeveloped countries. This is why they specified the BRICS. Eventough you think they don’t matter, they do.

In the article is written that: «238K Made with Unity games». I can hardly believe that really 238k games exist in all appstores together. Aren’t these numbers from publishing within unity and not actually 238k unique games? Because the whole market would be flooded by games right now of which hardly 10% will be played.
So how many unique games are there really being made, not counting all games developed and never being published on stores?

I agreed with you. Just wondering apart from those copycat games — how many uniquely designed games are available — specially those are being popular in BRIC region. Googled but so far didn’t get any appropriate result so trying to figure out. Need to identify this game industry — for instance played 360 degree and soon various gamer started copying it and came out with their game which just confused me to pick the original one. Similar to Color switch — this top chart game influenced and inspired various copycat fellow to came out with their developed game and also app store let them flooded — so would be helpful its possible to figure out the actual figure. Cheers

Now you’re realising the grim reality of game development. Most games don’t get any exposure at all, whatsoever. Because they can’t. There’s just too many to take notice of so only big budget games or very, very lucky games get seen.

This is why indie game dev is a fad that should’ve around 2010.
The only ppl making money are the tool sellers, Unity.

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