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Get involved in the next generation of Unity with access to the new 2017.2 Beta

, 6 июля, 2017

Thanks to everyone who helped us introduce the next generation of Unity by being part of the 2017.1 beta. If you’d like to get involved, get exclusive access to all the new features, and help us deliver a stable product, we are now ready to invite you to help test the 2017.2 beta version.

Join our beta testing team

It’s simple to get started and be part of the beta process. Simply head over to our beta testing section, read our guide and download the installer to get access to the 2017.2 beta.

The beta release is available for free to all Unity users, including Personal Edition users. In the release notes section, you’ll find a complete list of all the new features, improvements and bug fixes included in the release.

If you experience problems in the beta

If you experience issues with the beta, we encourage you to file a bug report using the Unity Bug Reporter accessible through the Help menu in the editor, and to post in the Beta Forums.


Whats included in 2017.2?

Over the course of the release of the 2017.2b version, we will add multiple fixes and improvements. As of today you some of the features that you can test include 2D, mobile, graphics, particle, AI, networking and asset bundles along with a long list of improvements and fixes.

One of the new notable 2D features included is the 2D TileMap which enables you to easily and very time-efficiently create 2D level design.

Amongst several small improvements to the Particle System, is a new option in the Limit Velocity over Lifetime Module allowing you to apply linear drag to your particles.

The new Debug Visualization for the NavMeshBuilder makes it easier to identify issues in the scene setup needed by the game AI for pathfinding.

The new Profiler for Realtime Global Illumination show statistics and how much CPU time is consumed by the Realtime Global Illumination subsystem.

For a list of all features, improvements and fixes, check the release notes, which also includes a list of the known issues.


12 replies on “Get involved in the next generation of Unity with access to the new 2017.2 Beta”

Is it possible to geet some kind of a cours in this ?
Or get in touch with people there knows how to make a great game app…?
You can find my game on Instagram just search for Drunk Tour then you can se what its all about.

Have a great day best regards from Palle

So the Tile map feature is out soon? I can not wait! Finally a nice and easy way to make 2D levels in Unity! When do you think it would release?

Offtopic, but I don’t know where else to post this.
On the main page, when I click on «show all blog entries» beneath the currently highlighted blog entry, I get redirected to this blog entry instead of the blog overview.
This happens on the german page in the current firefox version.

You guys are on fire! Pushing out a new beta so rapidly, I definitely didn’t expect that. Keep great things coming!

I like the new 2017 features but I think that unless you manage to find a more modular way of downloading beta and experimental versions, asking people to download >2Gb to test new features every now and then will prove problematic. In any case, congrats for the new beta.

Well, the Editor itself is only 2GB once installed — it’s only 800MB to download. Still, we do agree with you — we’re working on it…

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