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Interactive Tutorials are a new fully interactive way of getting started in Unity.

The new Tutorial panel in Unity 2017.2 guides you and responds to your actions, leading you through a series of tutorials for absolute beginners to help you understand the interface and basic Unity concepts. Each tutorial gives you the opportunity to interact with Unity, fixing parts of a ready made game as you try and get the player character to the goal. We know that many people struggle when first arriving in Unity, and that others find it cumbersome to juggle switching between Unity and a web browser to watch a video or read parts of an article — we aim to make this far simpler by teaching you inside Unity itself in a fun and responsive way.

Try it out!

To get started with the tutorials, you will need the latest Unity 2017.2 beta, available here. Once you have installed this, simply go to the Learn area of the Unity hub as shown in the video below —

How can you help make this better?

We will be creating more interactive tutorials and plan to open up the creative tools that power this to the community, so that you too can create interactive tutorials for Unity or for your asset store tools. We hope you like this new tool and can’t wait to hear your feedback so sound off in the comments below or on the dedicated forum thread here and let us know!

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Me gustaría que los tutoriales empezaran por configurar Unity para Android. He tenido muchos problemas para empezar a crear, aun siguiendo los pasos
(I would like the tutorials to start by setting up Unity for Android. I have had many problems to start creating, even following the steps)

Necesita instalar los controladores de Android. Si desea crear juegos en el IOS, instale los controladores IOS. El único problema es que los controladores IOS son mucho más grandes que los controladores Android, porque los controladores IOS son de 3 GB, recomiendo lanzar el juego en Android y luego, cuando creas que tienes suficiente espacio en disco, intenta instalar los controladores IOS. No creo que Unity sobrescriba nunca sus datos, pero nunca he visto a Unity hacerlo, así que recomiendo que copie Unity en un disco duro de 16 GB (32 es mejor, o vaya por 256 o 128 si lo desea) antes que usted vuelve a instalar Unity nuevamente. Perdón por la larga descripción, realmente tengo que explicar las cosas. (You need to install the Android drivers. If you want to make games on the IOS then install the IOS drivers. The only problem is that the IOS drivers are way bigger than the Android drivers, because the IOS drivers are 3 GB, I reccomend releasing the game on Android and then when you think you have enough disk space, try installing the IOS drivers. I don’t think that Unity ever overwrites their data, but I’ve never seen Unity do it, so I reccomend you copy Unity to a 16 GB harddrive (32 is better, or go for 256 or 128 if you want) before you re-install Unity again. Sorry for the long description, I really have to explain stuff out.)

A mi me encantaría si hicieran tutoriales para empezar desde cero en 2D , quiero hacer un juego como smash Bross melee ( Nintendo ) y la verdad, como soy nuevo con unity, no se por donde empezar.
Les Agradezco mucho.

I downloaded Beta form the link above to test interactive tutorials but neither one works for me. Re-install Unity entirely — same issue. I keep getting «MissingMethodInception» every time I open one of the tutorials. There is no «Start» window as shown in the video, just the basic layout with Assets. Running on Sierra 10.12.6. Can someone help me get it to work, please. Thanks!

I dont know why but i cant see it. When i open Unity and go to learn section there are only tutorials like Roll-a-boll followed with a video but no interactive one.

Well, it would be really nice if it worked. I keep getting an error message: «»Failed to load window layout. This can happen if layout contains custom windows and there are compile errors in the project.»

That is really unfortunate because I was really hoping this would up my game with Unity. Guess not!

Hi Cameron, sorry to hear you’re having issues, would you mind sending me your version of Unity? (help > About or Unity > About on mac) and screenshots of your errors to will at unity3d com please?

This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much to the Unity Team for your continued support of learning material and in this case going into interactive tutorials! I am a hobbyist and new to game development in general and these type of tutorials are just incredibly helpful for a kinesthetic learner such as myself. I was also curious to know if there is any plans to offer interactive Unity courses?. For example a course that teaches you how to make a simple stealth games from the ground up.

I like the Clippy ideal from Mr Cummings as well but it would be nice to extend that concept a bit a let us replace and animate the ‘Clippy’ avatar with our own personal avatar / mascot. I’m guessing though that is possible although I don’t know if that task is included n this new ‘tutorial mode’ of the Unity Editor.

I have one i designed for me LLC and I’m sure others have their own too. It’s a way to encourage Unity game and app developers to develop their own IP, ala Mickey Mouse and so on, that is identifiably their ‘own’ IP and it doesn’t hurt that they would encourage folk to make or extend tutorials or learn how to coherently narrate their own original tutorials, which they can then convert and leverage as their own game play IP or as guidance to creating their own unique game IP.

Simply by slowly drawing the Unity student into a coherent story telling exercise via tutorials that can be extended with their own Avatars/Mascots, Unity students can increasingly immerse themselves in the Unity API and their own narration, easily creating unique IP and games that are all their own.

Thank you & enjoy the weekend.

Could I ask why I can’t change the color of the lasers?. I tried the second tutorial and for «fun» I selected one laser and on the inspector I changed the line render color which are two knots but the laser is always red.
I checked the laser script to see if there was any reference to color but I think there isn’t any.
Any ideas?.

Hey Pedro,
I checked it: the Line Renderer of the laser is just using a material (MazeLaserLine) which has a tint colour set to red. By changing it back to white, you can then change the colour of the laser from the Line Renderer itself.

Time to hang up my moderator robe. I no longer need to spam the Learn link as you guys built it right in. Nice one! I wonder if it works with XR? People could have Desktop Willy, which is a friendly paperclip style chap that pops up and gives you assistance.

Very interesting! I can see the bigger asset store sellers jumping on this to provide supplemental documentation to their more popular assets.

Ciro, is there a link where i can find out more about about working with the interactive tutorial system as a developer? i am an author and educator in game audio using Unity, and i’d like to explore using your interactive system to teach folks about the subject. we already sell Unity projects as game lessons to schools and individuals worldwide — curious how this could be extended.

Hey Scott, we don’t have support for this just yet but it’s planned. I think you have my email from way back but if not write me will at unity 3d com and we can discuss.

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