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With $20,000 USD on the line, what futuristic real-time environment scene will you create using the power of Unity and the Asset Store?

Empowering the community of talented creators to realize their creative visions has always been a core part of our mission at Unity. At Unite Austin we unveiled Neon, a real-time environment scene created by the director of ADAM Episode I, Veselin Efremov, over the course of a weekend. This scene illustrates the power of Unity and the Unity Asset Store for rapid visual prototyping, showing how teams and individual creators across the globe can turn their ideas into real scenes in the span of days rather than weeks.

Now we want to see what you’re  capable of, which is why we’re excited to announce the launch of the Neon Challenge, a real-time environment contest. We’re offering a prize pool of over $30,000 for finalists and a grand prize of $20,000!

Take the Neon Challenge

The Neon Challenge is an environment production art contest and is the debut launch of Challenges on Unity Connect. We’re looking for talented environment artists and creators to prototype futuristic real-time environments using these powerful new Unity features, custom created models and the Asset Store.

We’ll also be providing helpful tutorials and resources along the way to make sure you’re able to take advantage of these features.With a pool of over $31,000 in prizes, this is a challenge you don’t want to miss out on.The contest will begin today, December 1 and will run until January 15. This challenge is open to individual creators or teams.

With Unity 2017’s newest artist-friendly features and an extensive catalog of 40,000 assets on the Asset Store, creators can now prototype environment scenes quickly and with minimal coding. Using Cinemachine and Timeline, artists, programmers, and designers can piece together cinematic shots on the fly and can manipulate cameras easily in-scene to create the perfect shot without a single line of code. With multiple Timelines, teams can also rapidly shift and change the tone and feel of a scene in minutes. We’re excited to see how you use these powerful cinematic tools to bring your environments to life.

In Unity 2017.1 and in Neon we showcased our new Post-Processing Stack, which provides easy-to-use film grade color-grading tools and post-processing effects to help you achieve the perfect look in your scene. As a part of the Neon Challenge, you’ll be using the Post-Processing Stack to add some gorgeous visual polish to your scene.

You’ve seen Neon, so now we invite you to create your own futuristic real-time environment scene. We’re providing you some amazing concept art from the Art Director of ADAM Episode I, Georgi Simeonov, to inspire your production work or build a scene based on your own original idea. You can see a few pieces from him below, but dive into the rest of the concept art he is providing here on Unity Connect.

Concept Art, Neon Challenge, ADAM, Unity, Georgi Simeonov

The Highest Cliff, Georgi Simeonov

Concept Art, Neon Challenge, ADAM, Unity, Georgi Simeonov

Smokescapes — The Sentries, Georgi Simeonov

Concept Art, Neon Challenge, ADAM, Unity, Georgi Simeonov

IITA — Roving Towers, Georgi Simeonov


The clock is ticking so let your creativity run wild. What will you create?

Take the Neon Challenge

23 replies on “Neon Challenge: Announcement”

I cannot enter the contest due to a website error: {«errorCode»:»InvalidParameter»,»message»:»The given parameter is missing or invalid»,»target»:»status»,»details»:null}. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, especially since time is running out.

Hey…. en.
I cant upload my project to neon challenge
here is the error code: {«errorCode»:»InvalidParameter»,»message»:»The given parameter is missing or invalid»,»target»:»status»,»details»:null}

How can I fix this??

It appears to be various software or artboard utilities that can be sending the products in…I think it is more of an…. what is the potential awesomeage out there in terms of scene visualisation and not necessarily attention to detail — yet knowing or researching for what could be involved in given or subject sci fi landscape… Urban or out at the colonies near the outer rims… i am not sure each judge is being outrageous upon the tools that are utilised…… even in the event a person has taken plaent fall from one of the colonies

Are we allowed to use freeware or free asset packs(models/kitbash) from other sources, like gumroad for example, that we’ve acquired in the past?

Is there a way for your submission to show as a team instead of just under my profile? My collaborator is just showing at the bottom of the page. Make a fake company for the contest?

Alright, so it’s possible to use other Unity Asset Store packages as well in addition to the requirements. Thanks!

«One (1) completed game environment created in Unity 2017.1, Unity 2017.2, or Unity 2017.3 which utilizes the Unity Asset Store and uses Cinemachine, Timeline, and the Post Processing Stack (v1 or v2).»

Oh waw nice event, i love it and hope to see more of it in the future BUT why did my friend who is a marketing guy knew about this and told me about it while Unity is spamming me with emails of new offers of Unity Pro and assets review and forget to send me an email about this challenge

Does it have to be exclusively asset store assets? or does using amplify, post stack and cinemachine count. How much needs to be asset store?

Yes using Amplify, Post Processing Stack, and Cinemachine counts. If you want to use models or other tools from the store feel free to but not requirement.

«this Contest is open to residents worldwide excluding residents of: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria due U.S. Export regulations and residents of Quebec, Canada; Brazil; and Italy. Canadian residents may be required to answer an additional mathematical question in order to claim their prizes.»

So Brazil, Italy Are not Eligible?! nice :/
Democratizing the Game develol!

Don’t blame Unity. You can only blame those countries for having such a difficult laws for things like contests and giveaways. If you live there then you should already know about them.

We have all kind of contest here! a lot and it´s not the law that make difficult, I personally have friends that have winning some international contests, like CGsociety challengers and others contest, so i´ts not the law, is the effort to include every one….
Other think unity have business in Brasil, evangelist and other stuffs so they can work a little hard to make it possible…
But the main thing is can´t be officially part of the contest… that´s really sad.

If supporting a contest in a specific country due difficult laws costs too much money and time (need lawyers and permissions applications, etc.) it’s better to leave them out than ruin it for others. Just look all the requirements and fee topics about Brazil:

Some other sites said the residents are not even allowed to take part of any international contest with big cash prize.

Para de chorar. É uma pena que não dá pra participar no Brasil, mas regras são regras. A empresa Unity não tem culpa se certos países tem regras complicadas e burocráticas. De acordo com o link que o cara postou, o brasil tem taxas altas pra esse tipo de coisa, e acredito que deve ser uma burocracia do caramba na hora de retirar o prêmio. Esse comentário «Democratizing the Game develol» foi deprimente e de dar vergonha alheia. Os caras lançam uma ferramenta extremamente versátil e poderosa, gratuita, pra qualquer um fazer jogo… E aí por causa que eles impedem seu país (com uma justificativa válida) de participar de um concurso, você já acha que eles não estão democratizando o desenvolvimento de jogos? Ridículo isso.

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