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Sneak peek at Unite Berlin Keynote, full session schedule now available

, 23 мая, 2018

Unite Berlin is a little over three weeks away! Festivities will start Tuesday, June 19th with sessions in the morning and the Unite Berlin Keynote at June 19, 6 pm CEST. The keynote will include announcements and demos presented by John Riccitiello, Isabelle Riva, Suhail Dutta, Timoni West and more, and news from the creators of GTFO, Oddworld Soulstorm, Shadowgun Legends and Harold Halibut.

We’ll deep dive into our upcoming features, which will help you to achieve beautiful graphics and high-end performance faster than ever before, and give a glimpse of what’s on our roadmap for the Fall and 2019.

Here’s just a small sample of what you can expect from Unite Berlin Keynote:

  • Future of Mobile — Leveraging the Unity Editor to build smaller, faster, lighter experiences with our new compressed core runtime.
  • GTFO — From the designer of AAA games Payday and Payday 2, comes GTFO, a terrifying hardcore four-person shooter. Ulf Andersson (CEO, 10 Chambers Collective) will reveal new gameplay on the keynote stage.  
  • Connected Games — We’ll talk about our vision for democratizing connected gaming experiences, what you can achieve with the tools available now and our upcoming solutions.
  • Oddworld Soulstorm — Legendary game designer Lorne Lanning (Co-founder, Oddworld Inhabitants) is building a fresh narrative in the iconic franchise Oddworld. You will get a behind the scenes look at Lanning’s studio and how they approach world-building.
  • Improved prefab workflow — We’re going to demo our upcoming improvements to the prefab system in Unity and yes, this includes the highly anticipated nested prefabs.
  • Shadowgun Legends — Shadowgun Legends is a high-end multiplayer online shooter for mobile. Marek Rabas (CEO, Madfinger Games) will explain how Madfinger stays ahead of the curve developing hardcore action games for touch devices, with Unity as their trusted game engine since the release of the original Shadowgun game in 2011.

The full program of Unite Berlin is now available, with newly added sessions like “Republique: How to Make Mobile VR Look Amazing” (June 20, Breakout 3), Hosting AAA Multiplayer Experiences with Multiplay (June 21, Breakout 5) and “Book of the Dead: Environmental Design, Tools, and Techniques for Photo-Real Worldbuilding” (June 19, Breakout 5).

We hope you will join us for Unite Berlin! Get all event details here. To join us from home, simply subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook so you can watch the keynote live stream.