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Introducing Unity Visual Search: Instant 3D search, discovery, and prototyping

, 12 октября, 2018

We’re committed to helping you find the perfect assets for your projects. The Asset Store team has been working on some powerful new integrations with Resonai to make it easier than ever to help you find, discover, and preview the exact 3D assets you need for all of your Unity projects right from the Unity Editor.

Find 3D assets faster

Finding the right assets for your upcoming project should be fast and easy. Whether you’re building a realistic 3D fantasy game or a sci-fi low poly first-person shooter, we know it can be a challenge to find the right assets with a style and theme that match your project.

Unity Visual Search: Discover and preview 3D content in the Unity Editor

We’re excited to partner with Resonai on the launch of Unity Visual Search, an AI-powered visual search engine for 3D content that allows developers to quickly find, access, and preview 3D assets.

Powered by machine understanding, the vast library of over a million 3D models and packages on the Unity Asset Store is now searchable and accessible in seconds, making it simple to find similar 3D assets and preview all models directly in the editor before you purchase them. And you can add and preview as many objects as you want, so you can make even more thoughtful choices on what packages to buy.

To get started, simply install the Unity Visual Search plugin, available as a free download on the Unity Asset Store online. Once it’s installed, you can search through the entire collection of over a million 3D assets on the Unity Asset Store while in the Unity Editor and preview them directly in your project.


Download Unity Visual Search

Search by text

Of course, you can search using a simple text query: Just type in the name of the asset you’re looking for, like “car.”

Search by 3D structure

Or try searching by visually similar shapes: Drag 3D assets (including ones you’ve built as a 3D sketch) from your existing project to the search field to find similar objects.

In conjunction with ProBuilder, you now have a powerful toolkit to find assets on the Asset Store that match your projects needs. Simply block out 3D content you want using ProBuilding and use Unity Visual Search to instantly find models on the Asset Store that visually look similar to the content you’re looking for.

Looking for something more specific? Advanced filters help you filter results by price, the number of polygons, and the number of materials.

You can also browse and discover similar 3D objects from any individual result, just by clicking “Similar Shapes.” Pro tip: You can do this from any result, even from text searches, saving you even more time.

With Unity Visual Search, you can find the content you need, super fast. And once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can click “Show in Store” to buy the package from the Unity Asset Store without leaving Unity Editor.

Again, to get started, just download Unity Visual Search plugin below and start prototyping your next 3D project.


Download Unity Visual Search

What’s Next?

Stay tuned! We’re working on other exciting things to improve your Asset Store experience, including some fantastic new content and tools partnerships in the coming months.

So be sure to try out Unity Visual Search and let us know what you think!

9 replies on “Introducing Unity Visual Search: Instant 3D search, discovery, and prototyping”

What about those of us working in 2D? The Unity Asset Store has lots of 2D packages as well. The same issues of finding assets in 3D games also applies to 2D. Will Visual Search be expanded or modified for 2D?

A few other things I just noticed.

— It seems like it makes a lot of 4k textures. Maybe we can choose what size to reduce disk space usage.
— Default scaling is always too small.

Hey, Thanks for the feedback.
Here are small comments about each one of the issues you raised, feel free to keep the conversation going with us through «».
— Sub-folder issue: we are aware of it, what’s the use-case you had in mind?
— Lighting: This looks awesome, we’ll definitely look into that.
— Maximizing/minimizing game view: That’s not our intended behavior, stay tuned for bug fixes.
— Textures size: We do a lot of «garbage collection» trying to save up on disk space. So only textures you decided to save as a prefab should remain. If you see that’s not the case we’ll investigate. And regarding changing the resolution, we’re constantly looking for the best parameters. Based on more user-studies we should be able to optimize this size.
— Scaling: That’s definitely on the road map. This feature will be released in the next version.

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