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We’re revamping the Asset Store to make it easier for developers to find what they’re looking for. It runs better than ever on mobile, and search results are improved too. Read on for highlights.

Our community has never been stronger. They embrace Unity’s passion for democratizing game development and readily share ideas, solutions and creations.

The Asset Store is the hub where much of that activity materializes. The numbers speak for themselves: 1.5M monthly active users, 56K assets created by tens of thousands of developers, and more than 1M downloads a month. The Asset Store enables hobbyists and professional developers alike to focus on what really matters – building great experiences.

To make it easier for developers to find exactly what they need and based on the community feedback, we are redesigning the Asset Store in 2019. The first phase is focused on improving discoverability and optimizing the store for mobile, and it’s live today.

Improved discoverability

Here are some of the features we’ve added to help you find what you’re looking for:

  • Instant search – pre-visualize search results as you type or filter
  • Suggestions – start typing and we’ll show you keyword suggestions
  • Improved search algorithm – more data for better results; the system now tolerates typos and recognizes plurals and synonyms
  • More filters – filters are also now available on the homepage and category pages, so you can find free assets with one click or search for specific publishers
  • Keyword recommendations and access to recent searches
  • Category improvements – more options to narrow down your results
  • Featured content – curated to put the best assets and tools at your fingertips

Better mobile experience

The new design is responsive, so the look of the site changes according to the screen size of the device you are using. We think this will make it easier for you to navigate and browse on mobile.

More content is displayed at once, yet the site has a cleaner look and feel.

We listened to the community and removed the horizontal scrolling. The design doesn’t take up the full width of the screen, so it works better on different sizes of monitors.

More Asset Store plans ahead

We’ll continue to upgrade the site over the coming months and launch the rest of the features for the all-new Asset Store in full later this year.

Users and publishers alike can expect better experiences. We’re refreshing the publisher and product pages, and we’re making sure product pages give users the relevant information to make a decision.

We’ll continue to enhance discoverability, by including machine learning for search results and adding contextual category filters.

Other improvements and fine tuning will depend on your feedback. You can leave a note within the Asset Store by clicking on the blue comment icon at the bottom right of the page.

We will also read your comments on this blog post and in the Asset store forum. So check out the new Asset Store in its first iteration and tell us what you think.

About older versions of the Asset Store

We’ll be closing the doors of the original Asset Store later in the year as we focus our resources on the new design. To make the transition smoother, we’ll maintain it for a few months until the new store is up and running in full. We’re confident that we’re bringing you a better experience. We know there are pieces of the original store that you love, and we hope you can see how your feedback has impacted our latest designs and more.

The most recent version of the Asset Store (released Fall 2017) has been upgraded to the new design.

We encourage you to give our latest work a try and share your thoughts with us. You are invaluable to making the Asset Store a better experience for everyone, and we’re looking forward to evolving the store with our community by our side.

47 replies on “The Asset Store, new and improved, starting today”

So… is this what the new asset store looks like?

I mean, how could you screw it up THIS bad? Ok ok, enough with the jokes. For some reason the new asset store just looks like this for me. It started about 3 days ago. Like what the hell is this? I need the standard assets desperately, yet it just wont work. Help?!

The new asset store in the editor is totally useless. I spent 4 hours (that I should have been developing) trying to get a couple of simple assets from the store. PLEASE provide me a way to get assets I purchased thru the web browser into my asset folder without wasting an entire day of development time waiting on unity to do whatever it is it’s doing. What could it POSSIBLY be doing when I click my assets that would bring my CPU to 100% for hours at a time? I only have about 160 assets and I am storing them on my USB 3 external drive since I do my development only on my SSD drive. It’s really depressing to see a neat new asset I would like to purchase then remember «Oh yeah, this is going to take a day and a half to get on my system». It’s not that I have a slow system, 2014 mac mini 8GB ram, 500GB SSD, 2 USB 3 external drives. Also, I have a 50MBS/5 internet speed as well. If there is another way I can get my assets I paid for into the asset folder, I would certainly LOVE to know how. As of right now, the asset store in the editor is just TERRIBLE!

Tired of the same old never listing to feed back!! But asking for feed back!! It is never taken!!
Maybe a group veto from everyone not buying anything from the asset store for a month would do some good as a wake up call…..
Never buy anything that the store suggests!! Ever!!! Might ask why that is???
Always hit with large in your face add felling popup images!! Hate it!!
If you think that pushing me to save five dollar’s on an asset thats slashed out and in my face omg the savings!!
Will make me buy the pro version of unity it’s just sad and insulting at least make it worth the purchase..
I always look at the feed back before I buy and on the new store I get that felling it’s hidden from me finding it.
Hate the new steps that give you the same results as the old store, and with just one click.
Will always use the old store to search and find things I want!!!
I never use the new store unless its a third part sale site, and then I just cut and paste to the old store to search for the asset that’s on sale..

PSS why is there no spell checking on the site search bar been asking that one for ever??

Losing notifications when owned assets are updated is gargantuan QoL decline. I’m pretty neutral on the other changes, but this in particular needs to be fixed.

The new Asset store is a mess, and I absolutely HATE going there anymore. Today, after a couple of months avoiding it, I returned to discover that I had 125 updated assets out of hundreds of current and deprecated ones, and the old store was no longer available. I used to be able to breeze through updates, and could easily display all updated assets, find the current version numbers, and append them to the corresponding files, so I could revert back to older versions if needed. The new store no longer shows the version numbers on the My Assets page, doesn’t let me sort by last update date, and won’t hide archived deprecated assets, no matter how I set the filter. Now I’ve got to open each of those 125 updated asset listings individually, record the new version number, and then return to the asset list, which has now been restored to the top of its default sorting order, making me have to re-sort, scroll back down to wherever I was, and do the whole thing again for the next asset. And trust me, it’s definitely NOT fast when it updates the page each time, no matter what you keep telling us.

How about including version numbers in the My Assets list display, and an option to show each asset on a single line, instead of the current expanded view that doesn’t show the information I really need? Or the option to open the individual listings in a separate browser window, so it doesn’t scramble everything each time I navigate off the page and return to it? Or just save my place and sort settings when I come back? If you want people to keep buying things on your store, you need to stop screwing with them.

The My Asset page inside of the Editor takes way too much time to refresh (about 20 minutes!), everytime I open My asset page (or when the Editor decide by itself to refresh this page again!) and it’s not because of the hard drive. There is something very wrong with some invisible checks. It drives me crazy and makes using assets bought on the store useless and simply not worth it.
And NO i don’t need advertisement and marketing inside the Editor, I browse the website enough as it is, thank you.

Hate the new store. No notification that an asset has been updated, even the view my assets by published date isn’t in order. To work out how much an asset will cost me I have to actually buy it then quit out just before payment, as taxes, discounts for upgrades, etc don’t actually get applied until near the last screen in the purchase process. The assets on sale view on the new store doesn’t display all those displayed on the old store. When viewing a list of assets the price shown often shows the price has been discounted (with the real price crossed out just like sale items), mostly the asset isnt on sale, its just a price for pro/plus users but this isnt apparent until you click on the item.

I think the new store is a bad store. Too much marketing. It is annoying. I do not have to look through all this nonsense, I know what I want, but you slip marketing to me. This is not respect for me as a buyer. Return the link to the old store, please!

The page freeze whenever I go signed in, and my fan starts getting crazy and I have to quickly close the tab.
MacOS 10.13.6 with Firefox 66.0.5 or Chrome 74.0.3729.131

Same here — completely unusable on Chrome. I’ve had similar problems on Windows 10 Chrome, not just OS X but I don’t have Windows handy to test again at the moment. Originally thought it was a rogue plugin, but had the same issue with my corporate-issued machine which has plugins completely disabled.

Slower and slower by the day … Good job Unity ! You failed once more ! Oh and please don’t listen to our feedback nor respond to any e-mails; keep it up !

Have you and the team TRIED to use the new asset store page in the Unity Editor?
Have you seen how it HANGS and stalls and is IMPOSSIBLE to use to find the assets that I have purchased?
And, YOU ARE NOT ADMITTING that there is a problem at all.
This is a total nightmare and it is damaging the value of our project productivity severely.

CAN you even admit that this is a severe and ongoing problem? Let’s hear it. (no stock copy/paste evasive crap please)

What I want is the ability to just download an asset from the store to my downloads folder. No need to hide these away in some obscure place. Let me decide where my files go.

Here we go again!!
Just put the old store up for people that spend money on here like me and the others!!
We hate the new in your face bully boy buy tactics listen to all the feed back!!!
I know this is going to fall on deff ears because were here once again!!!

The «wonderful» «new» store is a nightmare. Just TRY logging on… it hangs. Empty page, spinning wheel… even the browser [Chrome, Windows 10, all current] can’t interrupt it! Kill the browser window and try to access the store… NOTHING.

You guys have made a desperate mess here. FIX IT PLEASE!

What is the link to the old asset store. I have a voucher credit and i can’t use it with the new version, when i want to purchase an asset only paypal or credit card can be used. How can i do to use my voucher credits?

The new store feel more modern but I feel more confident in the old one as it seems more intuitive. The My asset parts must be fixed. I am always try to search for new assets and you need to try them, but get all the assets that I have downloaded along the assets that I really use its not usefull at all. Also I will like to see all the assets that I bought on a list where not free assets are there

Having used unity for many many years the asset store has always been a bit dodgy you quickly learn to save before opening the asset store window.
The «New Asset store» was a mess from the start forcing working people to navigate through advertising spam just to access the assets they’ve purchased.
The one saving grace was the «Shop on old store button»
Sadly Today that button has been removed

I would not be surprised if the developers of the asset store page were being paid by competitors to ruin Unity, I can not think of any other reason to make it so bad.

I created links to the old store from my website that luckily still show the old store for now.

Now I will have to change the way I manage my assets and import them into my projects because I can not use that window – perhaps it works okay with Chrome but is has many problems with Firefox

The frightening thing is how Unity are so disconnected from the community on this.

It hangs for ages then throws out 20 thankyou for your feedback windows WTF.

Also before the sycophants pile in
It is not me I’m a professional web developer there is nothing wrong with my machine or the software running on it..
It is a sad day indeed.

in the in categories 3D you need to do more under the
in the character, -realism, -cartoon and so desirable everywhere ..

I really like the new look of the asset store. I think that would be awesome if the asset store can be implemented directly into Unity Hub. To download an asset and install it, I currently have to open up a Unity project and open up the Asset Store window. The Unity Editor version of the Asset Store feels very dated in comparison to the online version. The Unity Editor also hampers the experience due to poor performance and outdated controls. Loading the Asset Store takes more time in Unity than it does on the web version.

Because of this, I think it would be best to just create a completely of accessing the Asset Store directly through Unity Hub. Because of Hub’s web based nature, it shoudn’t take too much effort to port the web experience over to the desktop app. And Unity Hub is more lightweight than the Unity Editor, meaning loading times will be faster and it’ll take less time before I can access the store. I think the Unity Editor asset store window should be deprecated in the future, just like UnityScript and the old animation tools.

*Because of this, I think it would be best to allow accessing the Asset Store directly through Unity Hub.

Sorry for the mistake ;)

Still, no support for resume downloading, I can’t download big assets simply because the store does not support interrupted downloads! many of us live in countries with a bad internet connection so you can imagine our situation…

Please fix the asset store from within the Unity editor. I have over 380 assets and it takes over a minute for the page to even be responsive. It’s like it tries to load *everything* including release notes, etc. for every asset and it is completely unusable; any way to only have a release note summary and *only* load them when the ‘more’ link is clicked like before?

I often update the downloads to my assets and the «Update All» seems to never light up, although (after a minute or two) I can scroll through and see items that require updates. Clicking the «Update All» just shows a blue box over the items requiring an update with what seems to be a spinning pacifier; occasionally I will see a single «Downloading» progress bar appear. Are downloads no longer in parallel?

The old asset store (in situ) may not have been as pretty, but it was functional. Please at least keep the old asset store for use inside Unity or at least come up with a different alternative. While the asset store may be more performant from a browser, I can’t download my asset updates from there or import them quickly into Unity —and having to wait for (seriously more than a minute) for the «My Assets» page to even become responsive and navigable inside the application to scroll and select an asset to import is a serious impediment to productivity. What’s even more egregious is that moving from «My Assets» back to the home page, then back to «My Assets» starts the process all over again as if nothing has been cached. This is a real showstopper for me and except for attempting to update assets if I find a lull in time, I will most likely *not* be opening the Assets tab in Unity for any other reason until it is fixed and I did so enjoy browsing for new assets.

Also — the above «Subscribe to comments» button on this very page is broken — it barfs HTML when you click it.
What a disaster.
You are completely missing out on any user new feedback at this moment.

Tags are completely broken.
Only shows 6 of your tags to select from.
Good luck organizing anything.
What a complete failure.
Whoever designed this evidently never made a game — organizing assets is essential. Hen peck searches as provided are completely irrelevant (no matter how fast). The new asset store makes finding assets difficult — but more scary, it makes reviewing/purchasing assets difficult. This is a disaster financially for asset developers and Unity itself.
Who is in charge of this?

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