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deltaDNA joins Unity offering best-in-class tools to engage your players

, 19 сентября, 2019

We’re excited to announce that deltaDNA is joining Unity, bringing robust LiveOps tools to keep your players playing!

Unity’s team of more than 1,000 engineers work each day to build a best-in-class Editor and performant Engine, so you can create beautiful and fun games.

We have also heard the challenges that game developers face beyond creating the game itself — operating the game and retaining players. Our goal is to be with you through that entire journey —  to enable your success and keep your players in the game.

deltaDNA brings an important piece of this puzzle: highly customizable LiveOps to better understand and engage your players. They join Unity with nearly a decade of experience partnering with developers such as Viacom, Bandai Namco, and 505 Games. Their features include:

  • Multi-channel and real-time player CRM, enabling developers to deliver customized experiences to the whole player base
  • Segmentation tools to drive targeted and effective engagement strategies
  • Flexible, intuitive dashboards empower non-developers to manage their games (liveops managers, producers, game designers)
  • Consulting to assist customers with game mechanics and engagement strategies

What’s next?

You can use deltaDNA across any engine, with any backend, and with any monetization system — and we are committed to it staying that way!

If you are new to deltaDNA, check them out here!

9 replies on “deltaDNA joins Unity offering best-in-class tools to engage your players”

I also was confused what joins means but the «Game Foundation» talk at Unite cleared it up. Basically Unity bought deltaDNA company and it will be used as a default remote adapter for Game Foundation.

They should introduce free tier otherwise I can’t see this service being competitive to others. From my experience best tools:
Backend — Playfab (free tier with some limits but unlimited MAU)
— Google Analytics — 10mln events per month, data export to drive sheets makes it really powerful
— GameAnalytics — 100k events per day, very good out of box exceptions/errors logging

I wish I could say this was a good acquisition, but DeltaDNA was one of many such tools we evaluated in the past and it was a quick reject. Their tech is notoriously slow. We built our own that far exceeds all of their capabilities and is real time. I know not everyone has the desire or skillset to pull that off, but most of these data acquisition tools just don’t dog-food at all, and have no idea what’s really needed. At the time we looked at deltaDNA, they were no exception.

Can you clarify whats exactly the point of this blog other than advertise deltaDNA? The blog does not elaborate on what the title claim. Has Unity purchased deltaDNA.

It’s the same story every time.
Unity bloggers should stop doing this. Whenever they make a blog «X joins Unity» it seem like some sort of merger, but in reality it’s just an ad for a 3rd party assets.
Could you please stop guys?

DeltaDNAs analytics platform is second to none in the gaming space, will Unity be merging Unity Analytics with this platform or is the deal only including the LiveOps tools?

Can we have more information please.

Not quite sure what «joining» means. Did Unity acquire DDNA? Is the service now part of the base Unity experience? Is it integrated into the editor in some way? It sounds like someone rushed to write an announcement post and forgot to talk about what they were really announcing.

Incorporating Deltas backend data mining systems into a major player such as Unity seems to be a great fit. Delta could become a great addition to Unity’s existing portfolio.

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