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Xbox Series X launch title The Falconeer lands today. Get all the details in our Creator Spotlight!

, 10 ноября, 2020

Hear the exclusive interview with solo developer Tomas Sala as he discusses the journey in bringing The Falconeer to Xbox Series X — launching today.

In our continued Creator Spotlight series, we dive into the Great Ursee with Tomas Sala and The Falconeer. In this stunning open-world aerial combat adventure, The Falconeer puts you in control of an airborne warrior who uses their winged mount to stay on top in the struggle to control the Ursee. True to classic dogfighting mechanics, you will leverage ranged weapons and new gameplay twists such as acrobatics and an unpredictable line-up of enemies to take on. Take the skies and battle for control against other Falconeers, huge lumbering airships, flying beetles, manta rays, and — of course — the dragon-like weavers.  

As part of this Creator Spotlight, we’re thrilled to announce that The Falconeer is available TODAY (November 10) on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. Unity will also be giving away free Keys on Twitter — so keep an eye on @unity3D!

Behind the Game: The Falconeer

In this candid episode, Mike Geig and Tomas Sala discuss The Falconeer, and how Tomas’ unique approach to textureless art gave the game its distinctly immersive style. From Tomas’ unique perspective as a solo developer, they also look at the challenges of making a game on your own and how to maintain your drive to push the game forward from concept to launch.

The Falconeer Tech Talk: Create a Unique and Original Game Through ‘Texture-less’ Art 

As a solo developer, you need to find ways to be both smart, original, and efficient. Creating a game that doesn’t use any pre-generated textures is one way of achieving that, but it goes far beyond that. You are driven to find beauty in the simplistic, and still deliver those intricate details that make the work so believable and alive. This leads to a unique aesthetic that combines carefully handcrafted geometry with incredible precise atmospheric and highly technical shaders.

Join Tomas Sala as he takes you on a journey into the world of The Falconeer; the inspirations and the evolution of design that led from a dark and imposing world to an open world full of wonder and possibilities.

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