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Pixyz 2020.2 – Advanced optimization for industry

16 декабря, 20204

With the release of 2020.2 products from our partner Pixyz, Unity customers in AEC, manufacturing, and other industries can benefit from new... Подробнее


Pixyz’s 2020.1 update brings grit and gloss to data preparation

29 апреля, 202010

For their 2020.1 release, our partners at Pixyz have focused on improvements ranging from core geometry capabilities and new import formats ... Подробнее


Get to the point: PiXYZ 2019.2

5 декабря, 20192

The 2019.2 releases of PiXYZ STUDIO and PiXYZ PLUGIN are now available for current subscribers and new customers and bring some important re... Подробнее


Streamline your data workflows with PiXYZ 2019.1

8 мая, 201913

The 2019.1 releases of PiXYZ STUDIO and PiXYZ PLUGIN for Unity deliver some major advancements, including new and improved algorithms, a rev... Подробнее


Design, build and operate faster with the PiXYZ Plugin for AEC

30 января, 20192


PiXYZ 2018.3 – Delivering on the potential

14 декабря, 20182

We’re excited to share the latest results from our close collaboration with PiXYZ – the release of 2018.3 versions of both the PiXYZ PLUGIN ... Подробнее

PiXYZ v2018.2 – Automation and algorithms for automotive success

14 августа, 20181

Earlier this year, we announced our partnership with PiXYZ Software to provide Unity automotive and transportation customers with the best C... Подробнее

Unity Partners with PiXYZ Software to unlock CAD data for real-time development

6 марта, 201840

Together, Unity and PiXYZ deliver a solution that makes creating real-time interactive and virtual experiences based on CAD data faster and ... Подробнее

Bring interactive, real-time 3D product configurators to the mobile web and more with Unity Forma

+2 26 февраля, 2021

Reaching your audience everywhere is critical to digital marketing success. Learn how Unity Forma, our new product for marketing professiona... Подробнее


Importing 3D product data into Unity Forma

+2 20 января, 202110

Unity Forma makes it easy to create and publish marketing content and interactive experiences, including real-time 3D product configurators,... Подробнее

Introducing Unity Forma: Reimagine marketing with real-time 3D

+4 9 декабря, 202016

We believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. That’s why we’re now making the power of real-time 3D accessible to marketi... Подробнее


The Best of Super Sale is here

17 ноября, 20202

A brand-new sale from Unity includes (big!) gifts with purchase and our best prices of the year on the best of the Unity Asset Store. Don’t ... Подробнее

Toyota makes mixed reality magic with Unity and Microsoft HoloLens 2

8 сентября, 20203

Learn how Unity and HoloLens 2 have become essential tools at one of the world’s largest automakers to streamline processes, increase unders... Подробнее